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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
Dadnapped! :D 
29th-Jul-2009 11:52 pm
I just finished watching Dadnapped on YouTube. And I must say, now I'm a fan of Weeze/Melissa in addition to David/Emily.

But I was disappointed David and Emily didn't get a kiss. I was SO looking forward to that. :(

Here ARE some good David Henrie/Emily Osment aka Weeze/Melissa moments (Thank you Emilyosment.us):

Kiss it guys!

Look at the faces! They just scream "kiss me!" People in the background seem to agree with me!

"Well, okay, I'll kiss you, but please, do it while nobody's looking?" Hahah. That's not what they really said, but if they did, that would've been FANTABULAWESOME! Though what they DID say was pretty fantastic as well.

He's writing down his digits for her! And just look at her face! Either that was written in the script, or David's writing down his REAL digits and Emily's excited. Either way I'm happy.

Are they holding hands?! It's hard to tell. But in the movie, they really did hold hands.

She looks hurt that he's laughing at her.

All in all a good movie. Not EXACTLY how I had pictured it, but still good. :)
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