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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
Doll rants 
23rd-Jun-2009 06:22 pm
Okay people, time for two rants.

I know that I am a little old for still playing with dolls, but oh well, some people don't grow out of it.

I'm tired of people calling the Bratz bad role models and saying they're "sl*tz". Well if you think that so much, why can't you just leave them alone and not have anything to do with them?

Anyway, bad role models, huh? (Before I say anymore, I just have to say I'm a HUGE fan of both Bratz and My Scene, and I'm a fan of Barbie, just not as much.) Have you forgotten "Sure, but we like you because you're just a great friend" (Yasmin, first Bratz movie), "You were right Nita, never give into a bully" (Nora, Bratz Babyz movie), "Remember you canceled your ski trip to help Cloe study for finals" (Yasmin or Jade, Bratz with real people movie), "...but they were also the very best of friends. No surprise, since they had so much in common. Caring about one another was high on that list. A passion for fashion followed soon AFTER..." (page 6 of Bratz Clued In: Behind-the-Scenes Secrets), the entire book Bratz Model Friendship, the songs from their CD's:

"Friends are Everything" (Bratz Girlz Really Rock CD, title is self-explanatory)

"All About You" (Bratz Rock Angelz CD)

Verse 1:

You don't need to be who you're not
All you need is all that you've got
Just believe in yourself

You should know what you are
Money can't buy
Cuz you should know
It's all about you


It's not about the money you make
It's not about the little mistakes
It's not about the people you know
You'll be fine on your own
It's not about the clothes you wear
It's not about the car I swear
It's the little things you say and you do
It's all about you

"Stand Out" (Bratz Rock Angelz CD)

Verse 1:
You're the one and only you
Express it any way you want
Style the way you feel inside
And rock this world

Daring to be different
Cuz you don't wanna be the same
You're totally unique
An independent girl


Show yourself as you really are
You gotta stand out be proud
Time for you to shine
You're special beautiful
You're one of a kind you
Stand out from the crowd everybody knows
Individual original and it really shows
Cuz you stand out

Huh? Have you forgotten all that?

And honestly, if all they cared about was fashion, how would they have stayed best friends for so long?

Oh, I see. It's not that "all they care about is fashion", no, it's just their terrible clothes. Their belly buttons are showing, they have seriously short skirts, except in the winter wonderland theme. But no, Barbie is sooo much better than that.


Oh, what's that? Oh, it IS a belly button showing. *gasp*

Yes, I know, the first image WAS a swimsuit, so naturally, it would be a short skirt-like bottom, but what about a one-piece? Huh? No, they didn't go with one-pieces, they went with two piece, and now *gasp* the belly button is showing. And come to think of it, lots of Barbie dolls now a-days have short skirts/shorts, so why single out the Bratz?

Anyway, is it because most of their outfits are "un-realistic"? Hmm...

Maybe those are realistic somewhere else, but I never see any outfits like those anywhere.

And, also...

Those seem VERY realistic to me if you shop at the right stores.

Anyway, but it's not just the huge Bratz haters I'm here to rant about; it's also the huge My Scene fans, Barbie fans, and even the hugest Bratz fans. The ones that hate all other doll companies, and are part of...

The doll war!

I can't tell you how many times I go on Amazon and see a Bratz or My Scene doll I want, and in the reviews people are fighting over Bratz vs. My Scene. I don't know why Amazon allows them to do this in the reviews.

*Sigh* Well, instead of me doing another really long and boring rant, I thought I'd share my absolute favorite review with you guys, it's more than what I would've come up with:

I don't have this My Scene doll, but if I get her I will write a review. I have four other Delancey dolls and some other My Scene dolls.
I read a few pages of the reviews here, and I didn't think any of them were very helpful, because they don't have anything to do with this doll. Everyone just says they think Bratz or My Scene is stupid and the other one is better.
I like Bratz AND My Scene. I collect them both. Just because I like My Scene doesn't mean that I like Bratz any less than the people that like only Bratz. It's the same way with My Scene. I go to both web sites and learn about the Bratz and the My Scene girls. I have 30 Bratz and about 17 My Scene dolls.
I do think My Scene sort of copied Bratz, but they didn't make shorter dolls with really big heads and big lips, and the My Scene dolls wear more realistic clothes. And Mattel made Diva Starz dolls a long time ago, and they had big heads and feet, too. People liked those dolls, but now that Bratz made dolls with big heads and feet, do people think Mattel can't make more dolls the same way they made dolls before there were Bratz? Bratz are really popular, and now there are lots of dolls with big heads and feet. Mattel wouldn't sell as many dolls if they just made Barbie, with normal heads and feet. The My Scene dolls are just doing the same thing as lots of dolls. I've seen other dolls with big feet and heads, like Secret Central and What's Her Face. Secret Central dolls even have snap off feet like Bratz, but their whole bodies can snap apart into four pieces, so they didn't really copy Bratz, either. Shorties dolls have big heads, but they're way different than Bratz, so I don't think they copied Bratz, either. Lots of dolls have big heads and feet now, so that doesn't really mean that My Scene copied Bratz.
I don't think Bratz copied Blythe, either. Bylthe dolls are collector dolls, except for the Little Big Eyes series. They aren't very popular, and I think their heads are sort of too big. Bratz dolls have about the same size bodies, but their heads look right. Bratz have big feet, Blythe doesn't. Bratz have snap off feet, and Blythe doesn't. Blythe has round eyes that change color, and Bratz have pointy painted on eyes. Bratz have huge lips, and Blythe has normal lips, for her head size, anyway. I had a Little Big Eyes doll that lost both her legs, and I hardly ever played with her! I just found her leg in a doll box, then I had to find her, and when I picked her up the other leg fell off. None of my Bratz ever lose their body parts, and if you had a Bratz doll that did lose her head, it was just a problem with that one. If I decide to play with my Bratz, sometimes they're superheroes and even then they don't lose body parts.
Bratz didn't copy Diva Starz, either. Diva Starz were popular for a few years, then they were sort of forgotten. They don't sell those anywhere anymore. A few years after Diva Starz, while they were getting a little less popular, they made Bratz. Actually, Diva Starz dolls have to have large heads and feet because of all the stuff they do. Bratz just have them because it looks cool. Diva Starz feet are either permanatley attached or have large shoes over small feet. Bratz have big snap off feet. Diva Starz have round eyes, Bratz have pointy eyes.
If you hold a Bratz doll up to a My Scene doll, they look a lot different. My Scene dolls are a lot taller. Bratz have different feet. My Scene dolls have shoes that go over normal Barbie feet. My Scene dolls wear the same size clothes as Barbies, Bratz wear tiny clothes. Bratz have more detailed hairstyles. Some My Scene dolls have their makeup put on too much, but Bratz have a few light colors and some clear, glittery eyeshadow. Bratz don't always look like they're smiling, but My Scenes always do. They even make My Scene dolls with Barbie smiles! Bratz have wild clothes, but My Scenes have realistic clothes. My Scenes have larger butts and chests. Bratz have tiny bodies. My Scenes have molded underwear, and Bratz either have painted underwear (Formal Funk collection), no underwear (only when they wear pants!), or built in underwear (in skirts). Bratz have fabric purses, most My Scene dolls have plastic purses. Bratz accessories are usually makeup and jewelry, but My Scene dolls only have a little jewelry and usually come with accessories like drinks, wallets, credit cards, and radios. Sometimes they do have some makeup, but that's mostly just in the Shopping Spree set.
Bratz sets sometimes don't work very good and fall over easily, but My Scene stuff doesn't seem to do that as much. Maybe it's because Bratz come with lots of tiny accessories.
My Scene and Bratz don't look exactly alike, either. Cloe has white skin, Barbie has tan skin. Madison's skin looks sort of tan and she has brown hair, Sasha has black skin and black hair. Nolee has purple eyes, Jade has green eyes (not the dolls, though). Jade is Japanese, Mattel doesn't tell us what Nolee is. Chelsea has brown eyes, Phoebe and Roxxi have blue eyes. I don't think Phoebe and Roxxi copied Chelsea, because Chelsea was one of the first My Scenes and Phoebe and Roxxi are new. MGA had to use that hair color sometime, because they had all the other colors. Yasmin and Delancey both have moles, but Delancey has blond hair, green eyes, and pale skin, and Yasmin has tan skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. Anyway, Bratz puts moles on lots of their dolls. Phoebe and Roxxi have moles, and Cloe did once. My Scene has two blonds, Bratz has one. Kenzie has green eyes and freckles, Meygan has blue eyes and no freckles.
The prices are a lot different, too. Bratz are $10 - $35, My Scene dolls are usually $10- $20, but special sets are $30, like Night on the Town, which has two dollsa, and Swappin' Styles, which has a doll, three heads, and three outfits.(Swappin' Styles is the only set with removable heads, so don't try it with other My Scene dolls!) Blythe dolls have the worst prices of all. The one on here is $80!
I can't even find information about the hotel room and Delancey doll. The reviewers just talk about how these dolls copied each other, and which one is the best and which ones are ugly. I'm sorry that my review wasn't actually about the doll, but I was so annoyed that I had to say something about this. Amazon.com shouldn't let people write reviews like these! They just make people mad. Kids say they want to burn down factories! People are teaching kids bad words! These reviews have nothing to do with the toys. This is getting crazy. No one even reviews the actual toy anymore.

Wow! That's sooo amazing. But seriously guys, you should really stop fighting about dolls because it's like my mom once said, "You need to realize that to most people, dolls are just dolls."

And seriously, Mattel sued Bratz and won, so who knows what will happen to all those dolls now? As for My Scene, they've stopped making the old dolls with Barbie and Nolee, and changed Delancy's hair to black. They haven't made any new dolls (they changed the website though) for a while, so really, Barbie and Polly Pocket are the only "main" dolls left. So just, stop fighting, though I'm 14 and still believe Toy Story is right, most people don't. I'll say this one last time: most people think dolls are just dolls.

It's seriously nothing to fight over.

P.S.: Look, http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd157/PigSlay/BratzBarbieandMySceneShopping.jpg in this picture, they're shopping TOGETHER. So if they're supposed to be your role models, why don't you do like them, and get along?
Zayn Malik
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