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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
Episode Review: iMeet Fred 
6th-Mar-2009 10:01 pm
Okay Jewel-2 (and everybody else) it's time for the long-waited for episode review of... iMeet Fred. (click the pictures twice to see them full sized.) Thanks toaergonaut for picspamming this. :)

Hahaha. As I always say, what a way to start the episode. And as it says in the pic, score one for you Cam fans! :)

Freddie, what have you done?! And Fred is awesome. :)


So early in the episode and it's once again time for; SPAM vs. SEDDIE.


(made by me)
Sorry, I love Spencer but I had to do this in order to make my point (haha).

Okay, just look at Freddie. He's looking at Sam (even WITH Spencer in the picture). And I'm sorry, but a face like that, wow. Speaking of Freddie making Seddie faces...

(also made by me, click to see clearer image)

Okay, it's not just me, right? While Sam is focused on Spencer, Freddie's giving Sam these convincing looks. Come on, tell me it's not just me that's noticing this.


Hahaha. She's laughing, okay everybody's laughing. But she seems to be laughing harder. Sam looves a boy with a sense of humor. :)

Sam goes along with it, and is still focused on him. Freddie's focused on Sam and I don't see Carly in the picture so... *shrugs*

And that was another issue of SPAM vs. SEDDIE. Both had two points, neither won. Haha.

Okay, I just gotta say Spencer drinking out of the ketchup bottle was gross. I remember Sarah actually did that once. :P Bleh.

Woah. I like the way Sam looks at Freddie in the bottom of this picture. Hahaha.

I think Sam's jealous of the ostrich's relationship with Spencer.

Haha. Seriously, what Seddie fan WASN'T expecting her to say you instead of it at the end of that sentence? *sigh* Oh well.

I like to think they secretly made out and Freddie PRETENDED to be hurt. Haha. Probably not, but just my little Seddie fantasy again.

I think Lucas was directly saying Sam and Freddie were cute. And Sam doesn't seem to mind. What I like about Sam is that she's able to guilt Freddie into ANYTHING. Which puts the idea in my mind that she might be able to guilt him into dating her if she wanted (and we all know she wants to. Haha. Sorry Creddie fans, I didn't mean to insult you with that comment. :()

(click on it to read what it says)

Hahahahaha. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I just couldn't help laughing when I was typing that image up. Haha.

I really should make up my mind and stick to one person I want Carly with. I mean, I want her with Gibby, I want her with Nevel, and now with Lucas. Ugh. I need to choose one person to stick to.

So, all in all: this episode was filled with funny Fred, fake rivalries, (secret making out from Seddie, hahaha. Sorry, couldn't resist that), a new Carly ship to add to the list, more SPAM vs. SEDDIE, and a good episode all in all. :)
What?, Cam, Confused2, Huh?, Carly/Sam
7th-Mar-2009 09:53 pm (UTC)
Thanks for putting my name first and for the review. I was wondering what Sam did to Freddie to get him to apoligise
8th-Mar-2009 02:17 am (UTC)
Haha. I think Sam would be strong enough to break that racket, and then make it LOOK like she hurt him, when really they were making out. Hahaha. Sorry, I just can't stop thinking that happened.
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