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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
Writer's Block: Three dishes I could live on 
24th-May-2008 12:53 pm
What three dishes could you live on for the rest of your life?
I couldn't just live on three dishes. That's hard. I'll try though:
Healthiest dish: peaches, onions, fried chicken, and pears with nice cool water
Fastfood dish (only once in a while): Double Whopper with cheese and no ketchup from Burger King with unsweetend iced tea.
Desert dish (only after the main meal):  strawberry ice cream and peanut brittle maybe with some hot chocolate.

You may not think those are dishes, but I do. Besides, it was hard to choose just three dishes.

I mean, we need fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products.
It's pretty much impossible to have all those in just three dishes. I think my 'dishes' took care of it though. ;)

That's amusing though, figuring out three 'dishes' to live on for the rest of our life.

However, in Foodworld (hey, I made it up, don't steal it from me) they could live without having to make that decision, because it would be their whole world. :) Then again, that would be bad too, because they would eat up all they had. :/
Zayn Malik
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