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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
5th-Oct-2008 11:51 am
WARNING: This entry contains the mentioning of an event known as the Holocaust, so if you are easily scared by this event, or haven't learned about it yet, please do not read this entry.

Okay, so I was reading a rant on Jewel_2's Journal (A Friends-locked entry), and it made me think of a rant myself.

There's NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT! If somebody (Like Jewel_2's stepfather) thinks there's such thing as a perfect family, they are out of their mind.

There's no such thing as a perfect relationship, sometimes people can never have a single lip-kiss or even tell somebody they're in love with them. Which is why I still haven't told my Dream Boy that I'm in love with him. Sure, my sister Sarah was able to get a boyfriend, but they haven't kissed on the lips yet. The way they got together was when the boy was mad at Sarah, so she asked her friend Leah to pass him a note for her that told him the truth. But she got lucky. Relationships don't always work out that way. There are some relationships where if the girl does something like that, the boy will disappoint her and tell her he's in love with somebody else. Or for my sister Caroline, she's in love with a boy who goes to a private school, so they don't really see each other anymore.

There's no such thing as a perfect human, I honestly don't see why Adolf Hitler thought there was. Everybody has their own unique qualities that nobody else has. So, at first Disney made it seem like the boys always go for the blond ones, big deal. That doesn't mean blond people are perfect. Same with people with blue eyes. I have blue eyes, but I'm not perfect. Neither is my sister Sarah. Or Grace. Grace is a blue-eyed blond-haired white-skinned girl, but she's not perfect. That was Hitler's vision of perfect, and I can't believe he thought his "Perfect Human" idea would work. See what thinking there's a perfect human can do? The Holocaust proves what people will do to match "Perfection". Even though, perfection can never be matched.

There's no such thing as a perfect place, there are so many very nice places in the world, but all of them have at least one flaw. Like Antarctica, some people would love to live with penguins. However, unless they had the right protection or somehow adapted to the climate, they couldn't live there. Or India. Sure, it's a very nice place. Nice culture, nice people. Except for when the girls' husbands die. Then they have to shave their heads, are thrown out into the streets by their children, and have to beg for everything.

So, there can be some very nice places, people, relationships, etc. but never any perfect ones.

*Gives Jewel_2 another Zack/Maddy hug* I hope one day your stepdad will be able to see this, I really do.
Zaddie, Happy Hug, Here You Go, Zack/Maddy
5th-Oct-2008 08:35 pm (UTC)
So true,nobody's perfect. Everyone has their flaws, it is just some people have a difficult time accepting that they aren't perfect.
In relationships, you have to take the person's flaws with their good qualities and not want to change your partner into what you want in a boyfriend. Thanks for the support. I need that hug.
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