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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
My FanLib Anniversary 
4th-Oct-2008 12:34 pm
*sighs* Today's the one year anniversary of when I joined FanLib. It's too bad I can't celebrate on FanLib. :( So, I thought I'd tell the story of when and how I joined FanLib:

I was looking on Scott Westerfeld's blog at scottwesterfeld.com and he had posted an entry about there being an Extras (Uglies book 4) contest on this site called FanLib.com. The mission was to write a story about when Aya was 12 and things were changing from Pretty Time to Mind-Rain. The winner would get an autographed copy of the whole series, an Aya sized Playstation, and a FanLib Leather Journal (At least, I think it was a Journal).

So, for a few moments I read through pages of the forum. Then, after a few minutes, I went to the Registration place, read through the Terms of Service, and joined.

Then I got started on writing my entry to the contest, "Aya's Younger Years." Of course, that was back when FanLib wasn't "approved", so I couldn't add tags and Author's Notes. So I used the laptop, which DIDN'T have Cybersitter at the time.

Anyway, then, several weeks later, I was finally able to finish writing "Aya's Younger Years" and enter it into the contest before it was too late.

I didn't win, but the submission that DID win was the first thing I added to my Favorites list. Kind of strange, but I felt happy for them. :)

And that's the story of how I joined FanLib.
Zayn Malik
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