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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
Everybody knows it's meant to be 
27th-Sep-2008 05:16 pm
Title: Everybody knows it's meant to be
Rating: All Ages
Fandom: Camp Rock (not based on the movie, based on the real people)
Pairing: Demi Lovato/Joe Jonas
Genre: Real Person Fic
Time Frame: after they've finished shooting the movie.
Summary: After shooting Camp Rock, Alyson Stoner, Kevin Jonas, and Nick Jonas start teasing Joe and Demi about how they make a cute couple.
Author's Note: Based on something a girl named Cammy said on FanForum about Joe's brothers.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 617 according to Word.

Joe, Demi, and everybody else had just finished the final run-through of Camp Rock.

“Great job guys,” Alyson said, high-fiving the Jonas Brothers, Taylor, and Demi.

They all high-fived each other back.

When Demi’s hands reached to touch Joe’s though, she stopped, and just shook his hand. “Great job,” she said.

“You too,” Joe said.

They turned away from each other.

“Well, I’m thirsty,” said Alyson. “Who wants something to drink?”

“I am,” Taylor said, not knowing why Alyson really wanted to get away from the set.

“Me too,” Kevin and Nick said at the same time sarcastically.

Joe and Demi watched as they walked away.

“Wow,” Demi said. “Amazing that everybody’s so thirsty all of a sudden.”

“Yeah,” Joe said. After a few moments he said “Well I’m just gonna go to my trailer.”

“Yeah, me- too.”

“See ya.”

“See ya.”

They both walked back to their trailers.

In Joe’s trailer, Nick and Kevin were sitting on the couch with two guitars.

“What are you guys doing here? I thought you were going to get some drinks.”

“Oh,” Kevin said. “Did we say that?”


“No,” Nick said. “We’re going to sit here and think about how much chemistry you and Demi have.”

“What are you talking about?”

Nick and Kevin started playing. “Everybody knows it’s meant to be, falling in love just you and Demi.” They laughed and fell backwards on the couch.

“Stop it, she can probably hear you, she’s not that far away,” Joe said, grabbing their guitars.

“Well you know it’s true,” Kevin said.

“No it’s not.”

“Yes it is,” Nick said. “And you know it is.”

“Really? Then let’s talk about the chemistry between you and Selina.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh come on Nick,” Joe said. “You know it’s true.”

All of a sudden they got into a big fight with each other.

Meanwhile, in Demi’s trailer…

“So,” Alyson said. “What was it like doing that little song at the end with Joe?”

“It was good,” Demi said. “He’s a good singer.”

“How good?” Alyson said.

“Just good.”

“Really good?”

“I guess.”

“Really, really, really good?”

“Okay, what game are you playing Alyson?”

“Oh, that would be the game where you admit you’re in love with Joe,” Alyson said.

“What?!” Demi looked at her like she was crazy.

“You know it’s true,” Alyson said.

“No it’s not,” Demi said. Then, at the same time, she and Joe said “We’re just friends.”

Back in Joe’s trailer…

“That’s okay, it’s cool that you guys are just friends,” Kevin winked.

“Ugh, that’s it,” said Joe. “I’m out of here.”

“Say hello to Demi for me,” Kevin said and again he and Nick fell back in the chair, laughing.

At the same time, Demi walked out of her trailer.

They bumped into each other.

“Sorry,” they said to each other at the same time.

“It’s okay,” Demi said. “It’s my fault.”

“No it’s mine,” Joe said.

They laughed.

“I’m so irritated of those people saying we have chemistry,” Demi said.

“Yeah, me too,” Joe said.

They laughed nervously.

They looked at each other for a moment.

There was silence.

Then, after a few moments, Demi whispered, “You know, maybe they’re right.”

She looked into his eyes really hard and started moving in closer.

Then, when nobody was looking, Demi and Joe kissed each other. It was too soft for anybody to hear, all the paparazzi had gone to bed, and Taylor, Kevin, Nick, and Alyson were still in Demi and Joe’s trailer.

“Well I’m just gonna go-” Joe started.

“Me too,” Demi said.

Demi walked into her trailer, Taylor and Alyson were still there.

“What just happened?” Alyson asked.

“Nothing,” said Demi. “Goodnight.”

Smitchie, Joe Jonas/Demi Lovato, Concerned, Jemi, Shane/Mitchie
27th-Sep-2008 10:01 pm (UTC)
hahaha loved it. even if it had taylor in it hahaha
27th-Sep-2008 10:02 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Well she was more of a minor character in this anyway.

Thanks for the comment. :D
27th-Sep-2008 10:16 pm (UTC)
Aaaw, this is so cute!
You should keep writing this, I love it xD
27th-Sep-2008 10:24 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :D Maybe I'll keep writing it, I'll think about it.
29th-Sep-2008 09:29 pm (UTC)
So cute. I wonder what Taylor's reaction will be at Jemi's kiss? Yes Joe and Demi are so obvious. You can't get rid of me ;). BTW I posted your story on a Smitchie forum, hope you don't mind.
29th-Sep-2008 09:36 pm (UTC)
No, as long as you tell me what Smitchie forum it is and where it's posted. Please link to it.
29th-Sep-2008 10:05 pm (UTC)
http://community.livejournal.com/yournotthatfar/33076.html is the link and it is in Shane & Mitchie, yournotthatfar. Why?
29th-Sep-2008 10:07 pm (UTC)
Oh, I thought you were referring to posting this story that I wrote.

29th-Sep-2008 10:08 pm (UTC)
Sorry i meant to write the one you requested. Since you liked it so much I thought that i would let others read it.
4th-Oct-2008 03:40 am (UTC)
Oh, in that case, that's perfectly okay. Great job again by the way. :D
4th-Oct-2008 02:56 pm (UTC)
Again thanks,lol
4th-Oct-2008 02:59 pm (UTC)
Again, you're welcome. *laughs* What do you think of the new background?
4th-Oct-2008 03:12 pm (UTC)
Kissable :D Cute icon too and hey we like the same two pairings (Stichie and Jemi) cool
4th-Oct-2008 03:15 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Yeah we do. And thanks for the comment on the icon. I also changed the headline to "Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato's lips meet and... it's a perfect fit!" If only, if only... ;)

And yeah, I hoped it would be kissable. ;)
4th-Oct-2008 03:18 pm (UTC)
I saw that. Hopefully (fingers crosses and praying) that there will be a certain pair of lips meeting in Camp Rock two and I don't mean on the check ;)
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