December 7th, 2018

Sam, Well...

Never thought I'd be making one of these again

Hi there. If anybody actually is there, or if I'm just talking to a void, I'm not sure. Doesn't really matter though!

Sooo if you have a Tumblr I'm sure you already know all about how on the 17th, no more adult content will be allowed on their website. This SHOULDN'T effect me because in all nine years of my time on that website I have NEVER reblogged boobies or other private parts. Not once.

But since their robot is a piece of garbage, it does effect me. This robot has been flagging things as "sensitive" that are not even CLOSE to being boobies or coochies or anything else. Which means I no doubt have nine years worth of things that have been flagged as "sensitive" when they, in fact, aren't.

Do you really think I have the energy or the patience to go through each of my 209,637 posts and find out which ones have been flagged and which ones haven't? HECK NO.

All this to say, if Tumblr takes away my blog on the 17th FOR SOMETHING I DIDN'T EVEN DO, I will probably come back here. A lot of people are going to PillowFort but that website is still in beta and I'm not sure I want to join it... Maybe eventually I will decide it's worth the money, we'll see, but uhhh yeah. If you see me back here again it's because Tumblr was dumb and deleted the blog of a 23 year old who is too scared to reblog cuss words, let alone stinkin' private parts.