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My OT4 concert (August 18, 2015)

I just realized I never posted about my 1D OT4 concert on here, that happened on August 18, 2015. I need to fix that! Hahaha. So here are two posts I made about it under each cut, c+p'd from tumblr. The first one is... not so positive. But I feel like it's equally important to talk about it in addition to the rest of the concert, you know?

So, yeah. The first cut is a rant (warning for casual homophobia), so if you want to skip past that to the second cut where I talk positively about the rest of the concert, you can... do that. Hahaha. Also I included some pictures in the second one because I took so many fantastic pictures. :')

I will discuss the positivity about the concert/make a big post tomorrow, but tonight… Yeah if you’ve seen Liam’s recent tweets, you already know where this is going. (Just for the record, it WAS all around a very fun concert and I’m glad I went to it, but anyway…)

Liam, Liam, Liam…

I still say this video by chescaleigh should be required watching for all celebrities when they go through media training or whatever (all people in general if I’m being honest). They need to learn that even if you didn’t MEAN to say/do something messed up, if you DO, you need to LISTEN to the people affected by it and LEARN. And do an ACTUAL apology, not a half hearted “sorry if/that I offended you”…

“This is a song about finding the perfect girl, which a lot of you wouldn’t know about since most of you are women”

It was a killjoy in the moment, but it’s even more of a killjoy now in the silence of the hotel when Liam’s Twitter “rant” is louder than any sound around me.

He messed up big time. That WAS a gross/homophobic move, and as a girl who likes girls, seeing people defend him just makes my skin crawl.

YES everyone messes up, YES nobody’s perfect, YES everybody’s fave is problematic, and YES *some* people ARE just angry about this bc they’ll use any reason to hate him and don’t actually care about casual homophobia.

HOWEVER, repeating those things over and over again won’t change the fact that he DID do something REALLY messed up, that hurt MANY of his fans, including a lot that were in the audience *points to myself and my friend Faith*.

He hurt me as a girl who likes girls. He hurt part of who I am as a PERSON, and I already know I’m not the only one. And no, I DO NOT accept his “sorry that I offended you” apology.

I really am angry right now, and think I will be for a while, no matter how many of you tell me “BUT HE DIDN’T MEAN IT”. It doesn’t matter. I’m angry. And I mean that. But I guess, unfollow me if you don’t agree. I don’t need people following me who think I - and other girls who like girls - SHOULDN’T be angry about this.

Now onto the rest of the show!


(my Floor Seat wristband... isn't it so beautiful?)

So me and Faith (and my mom who was driving us) were absolutely freaking out on the way there because like, the traffic was TERRIBLE. And we were almost convinced we wouldn’t make it.

Eventually my mom was like “just hop out of the car and walk the rest of the way on the sidewalk, it’ll be quicker” (by this point we were just about maybe a 5 minute walking distance away from the venue, it’s not like she was dropping us off in the middle of nowhere. Just for the record).

So I grabbed my sign, our tickets, our paper hearts, and my camera, and Faith grabbed her purse, and the two of us hopped out of the car and started following these people with adorable “Ms. Payne” and “Ms. Horan” shirts to the venue.

By the time we entered the venue, we had missed Icona Pop, but that’s okay. Like, I WAS a bit disappointed I didn’t get to dance to “I Don’t Care (I Love it)”, but other than that I could live without seeing them I think.

Immediately Faith and I headed to the bathrooms. The bathroom line this year was a lot longer than the one last year, but luckily we finished using it in time. I remember someone next to us when we got to our seats was like, complaining about the boys being late or something and I was just silently thinking to myself “thank GOODNESS they are, otherwise the bathroom would’ve made us miss the beginning - and the beginning’s the best part”.

Anyway so we looked around for people to help us find where our seats are, and when we told this one person we were in Section C they offered us free tickets in Section A and we were like “nah I think we’re gonna keep our tickets” because like. We still had amazing floor seats. Why would we want to trade them?

It was only when we started walking up the stairs they pointed out to us that it clicked in my mind. They thought we meant NOSEBLEED Section C. The Section C at the very top of the stadium. So we went back down (luckily we hadn’t gone too too far when I realized) and explained to them we actually meant FLOOR Section C.

So then they directed us to a place where we got floor access wrist bands and we finally started making our way down to the floor seats.

When we reached Section C and showed the guards there our tickets so we could figure out where to go, they were like “oh you’re WAY in the front.”

And guys. GUYS. I mean I knew when I was buying the tickets that they were close but I TRULY underestimated HOW close. I thought it would still be hard to see anything because there were still 3 rows of people in front of us, but from the moment me and Faith sat down, I had trouble breathing.

Like I’m not even exaggerating here. I was trying to breathe properly and just COULDN’T. Because like, FAITH LOOK HOW CLOSE WE ARE. And like, I always say I’m not gonna live the concert through my camera, but when you’re THAT close, how can you NOT just keep taking pics and vids every 5 seconds??? I just HAD to once they came out.

Harry and Liam worked our section the most, and Niall did his fair share too. Louis rarely was in our section though, so I barely got any pics of him.

Anyway, so I had never taken a sign to a concert before. So I really didn’t know what the “sign etiquette” was (and as I’ve learned there really isn’t any, but I’m too nice for my own good). I had originally started holding up the sign (”Liam will you be my hug dealer?”) when the intro video started playing, but then someone behind me was like “can you take that down? I just wanna see the beginning” so I did.

I ended up just holding up the sign during when they were talking/not singing (including whenever I saw Liam coming back from the bathroom) and during Ready To Run, because, if I’m being 100% honest, I really don’t care enough about that song to care if anyone from our section got a good video of it. *shrugs*

Hahaha. Liam never noticed it though. :( Oh well. It was fun to make, and I had a great time at the concert, so those are the things that are most important right?

I wore my Zayn shirt to the concert because I just needed him to be there with me in some way, as cheesy as it sounds. I would also make my shirt like “sing along” during his solos. People around me probably thought I was “sad” or something, but it just added to my fun instead of subtracting from it so I don’t see it as “sad” to be honest…

Months before this show, I had kinda psyched myself out about the show. I was like “ugh this is gonna be so awkward because I’m gonna keep expecting Zayn to appear during his solos and he won’t be there and I’ll be sad” but that didn’t really happen.

The songs I most felt his absence during were Steal My Girl, You & I (of course), Don’t Forget Where You Belong (I almost cried during that one…), and What Makes You Beautiful. Those songs WERE pretty weird for me to not hear his voice during… However, he was there with me, on my shirt and in my heart (I love cheesiness). :)

Alright, so speaking of Zayn’s parts in songs, LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT NIALL’S VOICE. I mean like obviously I fangirled over Liam’s voice too, but I already KNEW his voice was going to be amazing. Niall’s though. NIALL’S.

Like, I had been avoiding most Vines/videos of this tour post-Mar 18 because I wanted to live in denial(l) until my show (minus a Vine of Night Changes I accidentally clicked on). So like, when I read the Zayn solos Niall got, I was preparing for the worst. Like, I’ve never HATED Niall’s voice, but… it’s not Zayn or Liam’s voice.

HOWEVER, HE PROVED ME COMPLETELY WRONG. Let’s take No Control for example. When it was time for what was originally Zayn’s verse I was mentally like “I really can’t imagine anyone other than Zayn singing this part…” but then Niall… he NAILED IT. My jaw was dropping to be honest. I was sad I didn’t record him singing that verse after it was over.

During the beginning of Kiss You, he also took a part where I was like “this part is REALLY one I just can’t see anyone but Zayn doing” and NAILED IT AGAIN. Like, WOW. This concert has TRULY turned me into a fan of Niall’s voice. I hope on album five they give him some parts they would’ve originally given Zayn because like, he needs to SHOWCASE this thing. His voice is AMAZING.

Also our section was not as FUN during Little White Lies as I wanted them to be. Me and Faith were just going at it during the song, dancing/jumping/screaming/having so much fun, and then pretty much the rest of the Section was just standing there, not taking pics or vids or anything, just standing. And in my head I was like COME ON YOU GUYS, THIS IS *THE* PUMP UP SONG. YOU’RE EITHER DANCING/SCREAMING YOUR HEART OUT DURING IT OR TAKING PICS/VIDS. Oh well, I’ll always remember how pumped up the crowd was during that song at my WWA show.

They didn’t thank the band at the end of the show which I thought was pretty weird to be honest…

Once the show was over, Faith and I walked to the merch table and I bought too much stuff probably. Hahaha. I got a t-shirt, a poster, a tour “program”, a “license plate”, and I think something else I’m forgetting right now…

I made us wander aimlessly around the venue for a bit to try to find one of my internet friends I promised I’d meet. I kept her picture up on my almost-dead phone (I didn’t take pics with my phone, but during the car ride to Columbus Ohio I had used my phone to scroll through the Internet and stuff a lot and I forgot to bring a charger SO) for as long as it would last, hoping that maybe she’d see me creeping on her pic and be like “hey that’s me!”

I never got to meet her or tumblr user makaylamari3 unfortunately. :((( But I think the 3 of us had an awesome concert anyway!

I DID get to meet up with my real life friend Savi (the one I want to WWA with) so that was nice. It was great to see her again since she moved and all. I miss her. <3

Wanna end this post with the best picture I took at the show, possibly the best picture I've ever taken at any show:

A great show for sure. :)
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