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Marriage equality is legal in all 50 states!!!!

So I haven't really gone on ONTD anymore since March, unless my friends link to a post that intrigues me. And now that Zayn has gotten his own tag on there, I doubt even more that I'll ever go back to being dedicated to that comm, because:

1. Zayn hate in 1D OT4 posts
2. OT4 hate in Zayn posts
3. Zayn is no longer in the "one direction" tag. Because he's no longer in the band. So it's just a constant sad reminder...
4. ONTD is just in general a terrible place to be honest...

However, I don't want to lose this LJ account. There are too many beautiful memories on it. So I'm gonna attempt to make posts on a regular basis (even if "regular basis" means like one post every 3 months).

But ANYWAY, on a much brighter subject...

MARRIAGE EQUALITY IS LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES!!!! I mean it has been legal for like a week now, but STILL! It's so exciting! :D I'm so happy that now I can get married to whoever I want wherever I want in the US. <3

This is what I (and so many others) have been waiting for for so long. :') And yeah, the fight for mogai (marginalized orientation, gender alignment, intersex) rights is by no means over, but STILL. This is a HUGE step forward!!!

I also wrote 2 tiny 1D fics to celebrate the announcement. ^_^

Title: You're Weird, But That's Why I Love You

Fandom: One Direction

Rating: G

Pairing: Niall/Harry

Summary: Niall’s having a moment with Obama’s speech. Harry doesn’t get it, but finds it cute anyway.

Harry’s wandering around the hotel the boys are currently staying at. He had gone to get some snacks or something but eventually ended up getting lost several times. Now he’s given up on finding any snacks and is slowly but surely walking back to his and Niall’s hotel room.

When he gets closer to the door, he starts hearing sobs coming from inside. Oh no, he thinks to himself, mentally preparing for the worst. Is Niall alright? Did something happen? Is he sad about Zayn again? He frowns, going through all the possibilities in his head and getting out the key to their room.

He walks in, closing the door behind him. “Harry, come over here!” Niall orders through his tears as soon as he sees him, and oh gosh… this definitely can’t be good. As soon as Harry walks over and sits down next to Niall though, he’s confused.

“Niall, what-?” Harry starts, getting cut off by Niall’s hand on his lips.

“Shh,” Niall says, eyes on the computer screen in front of him. “I’m watching the video of Obama making the announcement that marriage equality is legalized in all fifty of the United States.”

After a few more seconds, Harry starts laughing loud and hard. “Really Niall? You’re getting emotional over that? Ireland legalized it like a month ago and you weren’t crying nearly as much then.”

“Oh shut it,” Niall lightly pushes his side. “This is a great moment for so many people, including our fans. Aren’t you happy for our fans that can get married now, Harry?”

Harry shakes his head fondly. Niall's big love for his fans is one of the things Harry loves most about him. “Yeah, of course I am.” He is, really. He just finds it ridiculous (in a cute way) that Niall is getting so emotional about it when neither he nor any of the other boys (past or present) live in the US.

Still, this IS a really exciting thing. He decides to show his support by posting something on Twitter about it.

Huge day for America.. Happy to see the news. All the love

He knows a lot of fans will probably lose their minds over that tweet, but he hopes even in their own heads where he’s dating Louis, they understand that this day is about more than him and one of his bandmates, this is about so many people out there finally being able to marry each other.

Harry hangs around for as long as it takes for Niall to cry his eyes out over Obama. Once Niall’s done, he closes his laptop. “I’m just so happy, Harry! This is such an incredible day for couples everywhere!”

“Yeah,” Harry agrees, wrapping one arm around him. “It really is.” He stands up after a moment. “Well what do you say that in honor of this occasion, the two of us go out somewhere for dinner?”

“In honor of this occasion?” Niall mocks. “I thought you said just a few minutes ago that I was weird for celebrating this when it has nothing to do with our home countries or something like that.”

“Yeah,” Harry agrees. “I only think it’s weird when I don’t get something out of it. So, is that a yes?”

Niall shakes his head, giggling. “Yeah, sure. Let’s go.” He stands up.

Harry isn’t even sure where either of them are going to go, but he figures they’ll figure it out when they see it. “Unless you’d rather go out somewhere with Obama, what with those googly eyes you were giving him,” he teases.

“Oh shut it,” Niall pushes his arm and the two boys laugh, walking hand-in-hand outside their hotel room and down to where their cars are being held.

Title: My Everlasting Love

Fandom: One Direction

Rating: T (for mentions of alcohol)

Pairing: Zayn/Louis

Summary: Marriage equality is legal in all 50 states of the US. Louis wonders how the heck that has anything to do with them when it’s been legalized in the UK for way longer, but Zayn seems to think it very much does have something to do with them.

Louis is so worn out. He’s ready to just collapse on his bed and never wake up. Why did he let Niall talk him into another three rounds? He feels like death, and knows it’s only going to be worse in the morning. He drags himself to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, thinking maybe he should get two just to be safe…

Suddenly, his phone rings. He grumbles. What could whoever it is want at this hour? As soon as he looks at the caller ID though, suddenly his mind sobers up a bit and he starts smiling.

“Hey Zayn,” he says, taking a seat at the nearest table. “What’s up?”

“Babe…” Zayn starts, giggling. “You sound absolutely gone.”

“That obvious huh?” Louis sighs. “Never let Niall talk you into another three rounds. I’m surprised I haven’t passed out yet to be honest.” He coughs. “But anyway, is there another reason you called?”

“Oh yeah,” Zayn replies, excitement suddenly filling his voice. “Did you hear the news? The States have all legalized marriage equality!”

Louis laughs. “Oh yeah. Niall was going on about Obama’s speech at the club.” He shakes his head fondly. “Took them long enough to be honest.”

“I know right?” Zayn responds, and his voice is so happy you’d think he won the lottery or something. “Tomorrow we should do something to celebrate!”

“Zayn,” Louis chuckles. “We live in the UK, not the US. Marriage equality has been legal here. Why should we celebrate?”

Zayn huffs. “Because it’s exciting! Come on Lou. I miss you. Let’s do something tomorrow, yeah?”

Well, how can Louis say no to that? “Fine, fine. Your place tomorrow at 12?”

“See you there,” Zayn agrees, and Louis thinks he hears him squealing after the two of them say their ‘goodbye’s and ‘I love you’s.


Louis wakes up feeling even worse than death. Apparently, after Zayn called, he had forgotten all about drinking his water and immediately went to bed. He turns to look at what time it is. 11:30.

He groans loudly, getting up to eat something and swallow some pain killers. He decides to take the bus and then walk the rest of the way to Zayn’s house, feeling way too tired and messed up to drive anywhere.

When he gets there and knocks on the door, Zayn immediately says “you look like s***.”

“Thanks,” Louis tries, walking inside and making himself at home on Zayn’s couch. “I tried to remember to drink water last night, but your dumb call made me forget who I was.” Louis hopes Zayn realizes he means that as a comment of endearment, not an insult. Zayn’s just so amazing it makes Louis forget who he is almost every day to be honest.

Zayn just snickers. “Sorry I’m so wonderful,” he replies, winking. “I hope you’re awake enough now though, because I have something to ask you.”

“I thought we were celebrating, not taking a test,” Louis teases, eyes half closed. “I didn’t study.”

Zayn walks over to the couch and lightly pushes Louis’ arm. “This isn’t a test,” he assures, chuckling. “But I do need you to pay attention.” Louis thinks about teasing more, but Zayn’s voice is so determined, so he sits up straighter and opens his eyes all the way again.

Zayn clears his throat. “So… uh… You and I have been dating a while, and I know it hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve made it work. I know we’ll continue to make it work.” He wipes his eyes, and Louis isn’t really sure where this is going, but he nods anyway.

“The umm…” Zayn clears his throat. “The announcement about the States legalizing marriage equality had me thinking, and uh…” Oh gosh, Zayn is getting down on one knee. Is what Louis thinks is happening… happening? He tries not to think about it too hard.

But then, then Zayn’s holding out a ring and looking at Louis with those big brown eyes, and Louis thinks he’s going to faint. “Louis, will you marry me?”

Suddenly, all Louis’ hangover pains seem to diminish. He starts to sob, and tries really hard to keep his cool, but darn it, Zayn just proposed to him. All cool has gone out the door.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Louis says all at once, falling into Zayn’s arms and kissing him hard. He really can’t believe it. Zayn just asked him to marry him, and he just said yes. The two of them are going to get married. He couldn’t be happier.
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