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One Direction concert! (8/11/14)

Soooo, on the 11th I got to experience one of the best days of my life. I GOT TO SEE ONE DIRECTION. This year I've experienced both of my dream concerts. First meeting Fifth Harmony + watching them and Demi Lovato live, then watching One Direction live. The only way it could've been better would've been if I had met 1D (but they took away the M&Gs and I was broke anyway so whatever).

First I’m gonna back up a little bit and talk about how this was able to happen (if you don’t wanna read this, skip down to “fastforward to the concert day”). So originally, I wanted to go to the concert so I could see 1D, and see them before I lost my teen card. But eventually I had given up hope on getting to go to the concert because all the jobs I was trying to get wouldn’t hire me. I had thrown in the towel. Then during their 4 year anniversary, something happened. I don’t know, but something clicked in my brain that made me determined to do all the chores I could to make money by August 4th (which was the last day before I had to leave for camp).

I kept thinking of this quote from the video to Bo$$ by Fifth Harmony (“Dreams don’t work unless you do”). I’d work with my mom every day in late July for an average of an hour. The most I did was 2 hours. It was $10 an hour so I had wanted to do like 5 hours a day so I could buy super awesome tickets for a friend and me on the floor, but my mom couldn’t think of anything she could pay me for that’d take that long. Eventually, I was talking to my friends on Twitter and one of them named Taylor had said she still had her tickets that she was selling and trying to break even on (2 tickets for $100 each).

So I had a new goal. That would be much easier to buy than the floor seats, but I still wasn’t sure I’d get $200 by the 4th. I messaged my friend Savi and told her with caution that there was a possibility we could go, if she wanted to go with me. She offered to help me pay for them and so she gave me the money for her ticket. I told her I’d give it back to her if it didn’t work out. But my dad introduced me to filing, and so I did 3 hours of that, and got enough money in time. On the 4th, I took all the money to the bank and bought the tickets from Taylor. According to my parents, they came a day later. I was so happy. :) Especially when I came back from camp and held the tickets in my hand. :’)


Savi had slept over at my house the night before and we had watched several 1D videos on YouTube to prepare ourselves. On the way to DC we also watched This Is Us and listened to the first 2 albums (we didn’t have enough time for Midnight Memories). We had to ride the metro/subway in order to get to the Nationals Park, and naturally my mom didn’t know how to get there/got lost. We ran into 3 people who knew where they were going and followed them for a short time, before one of them realized they’d forgotten the camera and went back to get it. We saw them later on at the metro, which was funny. But anyway, we eventually found the metro with help from some other people.

And I gotta say, I HATE the metro. It made me so dizzy and stressed out. I hope I never have to go on it again…

It was eventually worth it though because before we knew it, we were at the stadium!

And it took forever for us to finally find our seats, but we did just in time for Savi to enjoy 5sos’s set. Now, you all know I don’t like 5sos’s personalities, but I thought maybe the show would make me like them a little better. But I don’t think their type of music is my genre. I’m glad so many people like them, but I’m just not one of those people. I took 2 pics of Luke and one group pic for my Twitter friends though. During their set, they’d zoom in on the people on the floor sometimes and there were these two fan signs that said “free bum slaps” and “get naked”. That fanbase is so thirsty. Hahah. :P

We had to wait until 8:30 for 1D to come on. It was raining so I had put on one of those poncho things. I tried putting on the hood but couldn’t see anything so I just took the hood off and left the poncho on to protect the camera (because it can’t get too wet). I took a quick bathroom break. The line moved surprisingly fast for such a big concert. When I got back from the bathroom, someone below us asked if we had tumblrs. We both responded “yes” and they asked for our urls. I said “Anna hyphen w a” and then they were like “do you know zayncangetsome?” and when I said yes, they said “that’s me.” I got a picture with her. It was so cool to meet her. :)

Anyway… so at 8:30 the intro started and everybody (including me) immediately started screaming. I took out my camera and started clicking like every second. I screamed the most I’ve ever screamed at a concert. I coughed from screaming so hard and loud, but just kept screaming anyway even though I knew I’d keep coughing.

And then they came out on stage and Midnight Memories started and I screamed/coughed even more and kept clicking the button on my camera to take more pictures. I didn’t wanna watch the show through my camera but at that moment I just wanted to take as many pictures of them as possible. I couldn’t believe it was happening (still can’t believe it actually happened to be honest).

I don’t remember everything in order because it’s just a bunch of amazing memories all flowing in my head right now but I’ll try to make some kind of sense. During Moments and one other song, they zoomed in on Liam during Zayn’s solo which made me angry. Is it too much to ask for Zayn to get screentime during his solos? Anyway… I wasn’t able to hear Zayn’s You & I high note which made me sad because I was looking forward to it. :( I guess he was too quiet, or the crowd was too loud or something. I was recording it and when I played it back, I could hear the end of it but just barely. He looked disappointed in himself, which makes me sad. :/

Liam was on top of things the whole show. Man, he’s really come out of his shell this tour. He was so good at crowd interaction, I love it. He said that we were his favorite concert so far, as well as the loudest. He said something like “before the doors even came, you guys were loud.” It’s true, people would scream whenever a 5sos or little mix or 1d video would come on during the intermission. I had originally thought we were late because of the screaming, but really they were just watching a LM video. I’m not sure how one would judge the loudest 1D concert since I figure they’re all really loud, but I think we could come close.

At one point in the concert, Niall sang “Turn Down For What” because we’re not gonna let the rain ruin our fun. He and Liam also sang “Singing In The Rain” at one point in honor of the weather. I wanted to record it but couldn’t get my camera out in time. :( Someone else probably got it though (I hope). Liam also sang “wiggle wiggle wiggle” after pointing out that his butt was wet. Hahah. When Louis was thanking the band/crew and all that jazz, they sang “Forget You” and one other song I forgot (but I remember Liam changed the lyrics to “don’t know the words okay Johnny”. Hahaha). I remember during “Happily” I was waiting for Zayn’s high note from the acoustic version, even though I knew it wasn’t gonna come.

I kept taking pictures of Zayn every moment I could. Sometimes I would zoom in on the screen to try to get a picture of him but then the screen would switch to someone else just as I was taking it. Meh, oh well. I’ll survive. I got plenty of pics, vids, and memories I think. Although I do wish I recorded Little Things, since I wasn’t doing anything during that song. I don’t usually like that song but their live vocals on it were so good. And everybody taking out their phones and lighting up the dark was so beautiful. They didn’t do Twitter questions, but that’s whatever I guess. I’ll live because everything else was awesome.

Liam sang the beginning of WMYB to Zayn which was SOOO CUTEEE. I was screaming SO loud to Savi when I saw that. I tried to get my camera out but I was too slow. :( I’m 100% sure there will be a ton of GIFs, videos, and pics of that moment though so I’ll live I guess.

I only recorded a few full performances - Don’t Forget Where You Belong, Through The Dark (because that song means so much to me), and Moments. The other videos I recorded were my favorite solos/lines from those songs. I tried not to take too many videos because the camera can only handle so much rain/water, but during those 3 I was just like “forget it” and recorded them.

Their encore song was “Best Song Ever”, which makes no sense to me because usually the most popular song (WMYB) is the encore song, but oh well. BSE was still amazing, ESPECIALLY ZAYN’S HIGH NOTE AT THE END. My gosh, Zayn’s voice, face, and existence were all sooo perfect. I just… fjaksdl;a he’s so amazing.

The songs that had me dancing the most were probably Alive, Little White Lies (the crowd were GOING AT IT during that one), Little Black Dress, and What Makes You Beautiful (it was difficult to hairflip in the rain though). During Better Than Words they had these little cartoon thingies that were SOOO cute. Like during the “ooh”s they had little ghosts, and the “awoo”s had wolves. It was so adorable. During Zayn’s speech (which I didn’t pay attention to as much as I should have because I was too busy taking pictures of him :() he said “massive” like 5 times before “thank you” to us.

After the concert was over, we immediately headed to look around for water because our throats were SO dry from all the singing and screaming. Of course everything was closed though. So we headed to the merch table instead. And I gotta say, I’m sorry but their merch was really ugly. Like the t-shirts were really tacky. Also I can’t with the fact that they were all throwing up the westside gang sign in almost all of them… But I got one of them anyway because I wanted to remember this moment. I also asked for a poster (which also had them throwing up the W but I was getting a poster like I do at every concert), but they were out so THEY GAVE ME THE ONE IN THE DISPLAY. It was so awesome. I now have like a piece of the show with me. :’D

As soon as Savi and I went outside, she got the notification on her phone that Zayn had tweeted about our show.


So after freaking out about that, we sat down and waited for my mom. After several minutes I called her on Savi’s phone and told her where we were. Someone walked past us selling water bottles (2 water bottles for $5). Thank goodness for that. I felt bad though because Savi’s post concert depression was instant and huge. I was mostly just tired and trying to digest the fact that we’d just seen 1D in the flesh, but she was REALLY sad which I didn’t like. :/

Eventually my mom came, but by that point we had missed the metro (it stopped running at 11:30). I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved we missed it. After asking several people, we finally found the number for a cab, but we ended up not needing it because we walked up to one when the light was red.

All in all it was one of the best concerts ever. I think I have to put the Demi x 5H concert ahead of it only because I got to meet 5H and it was 2 acts I really enjoyed instead of just 1, but the 1D concert is VERY VERY VERY close. Maybe I’ll have to put them at a tie because it was so good. If they bring back the M&Gs next tour and I finally get a job and save up enough, then that would definitely beat it.

I’m also really really happy that I got to take Savi with me. She’s been a fan for 4 years and this was her very first concert, and I’m SO glad I got to help her with that experience.

I hope I can go again on the next tour. I wanna see them again as many times as I can before they break up.

Here are the videos I took at the concert:

Niall's solo in "Why Don't We Go There?"

"Don't Forget Where You Belong"

"Right Now" chorus

The end of "Live While We're Young"

"Through The Dark"


Liam and Louis's verse in "Happily"

Some talking

Singing "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green

Liam talking to the guitarist and drummer

2nd verse + Zayn's high note in You & I

I'm not gonna put up all my photos because I took over 300 but I'll put a few here.

First, here's a picture of me Savi took:

Now onto the members...




And saved the best for last...


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