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Meeting Fifth Harmony (2/23/14)

SO I just realized that I hadn't told you all about the best day ever (2/23/14) aka the day I met Fifth Harmony and saw Demi Lovato perform.

I'm gonna copy and paste the posts I made on tumblr because honestly I'm too lazy to make all new ones. Hahaha (probably wouldn't remember certain details at this point). But I wanted to document this amazing event in as many places as possible, so here we go. :)

Well, basically, I woke up and put on my costume and coat. My mom saw the tiara and tights and was like “…honey, what are you wearing?” I responded with “my costume, my Sleeping Beauty costume. I told you about my picture.” And then she was like “I doubt they’re gonna wanna take a picture like that, but okay.” HA, bet she regrets saying that now.

So then, after a few more minutes, we started driving, and eventually it was Lunch time. So we kept trying to stop somewhere to get food, but none of the places were working out. First we tried to stop at Burger King, but it was WAAAYYY too crowded there. Then we tried stopping at a Sonic, but like 10 - 15 minutes passed with no one coming out with our food, so we left. When we were closer to the place, we tried again. This time at a 7 Eleven. But guess what? They were out of their monterey jack taquitos and the person there said it was gonna take like 15 minutes before they got anymore, so, we moved along. We tried to go to another Burger King nearby, but couldn’t figure out how to even get into it. So eventually I said to my mom, “let’s just go and eat after the concert is over”. Even though I was hungry, I was not missing my M&G for anybody or anything.

Anyway… after we’ve parked and I’ve made sure I have everything with me (ID, camera, debit card, ticket), we get out of the car and I go to stand in line with the others for the M&G. I’m pretty sure the line for Fifth Harmony was actually LONGER than the Demi Lovato one (but that’s probably because the tickets were cheaper). Either way though, we were all there for the same reason: to meet our favorite celebrities who inspire us and that’s what matters. :) My mom stayed next to me for a few moments, but eventually I told her “you can go now”. That was so rude, I know, but the nervousness was getting to me.

I look around at the other people (in both lines) and all of a sudden I start feeling nervous and my heart starts beating. No, it’s not because I’m going to meet Fifth Harmony (although that doesn’t help the stress). It’s because I’m obviously over 10 years old and I’m dressed in a Sleeping Beauty costume. I’m suddenly afraid everybody around me is judging me, so I try to avoid eye contact with everybody and just stare at the 5H stickers I got.

A few minutes pass (and it felt like the longest time I swear, but not as long as what’s coming up) and we’re finally told to get our tickets ready. After we’ve all got our tickets and such checked out and are given our VIP passes, we head upstairs. I try to make conversation with the person on my right, but it fails miserably, so I just start humming and keeping to myself (still making an occasional awkward comment here and there). The two little kids behind me were ADORABLE. They kept fangirling over Camila (one time she peaked out and waved to all of us and they started freaking out) and told us whenever “we’re moving”. They also talked about meeting Ross Lynch and a few other celebrities I forgot the names of now. I kind of side-eyed them when they called Camila “the lead singer” though, but we’re ignoring that…

So the closer it gets to my turn, the more I start freaking out. It doesn’t help that NORMANI AND DINAH PEAK OUT AT US WAVING AND BEING CUTE. ;FJASDIJAF;LSD (I even mentally freaked out when I saw Normani’s HAND, okay? I saw her HAND sticking out and I was screaming in my head. So imagine how I felt when I saw her and Dinah’s FACES f;jlkads;a).

Finally it’s my turn. They told me I wasn’t allowed to record them saying anything (sorry Ellie :() and that I had to set down all my stuff on this table. You know, up until this point, I had thought that they had a separate room for M&G photos. But no, it’s just in the hallway. Kind of anti-climactic if you ask me, but I can’t complain too much of course. Because I still got my picture with them and got to meet them and all that.

So, I set down the stuff that was in my hands and my coat on the table. Then I walk up to them and IMMEDIATELY they all come up to hug me (Camila was the first one). They’re all calling me “princess” and j;alkfsd; it was so sweet. Dinah was guessing which princess I was and was like “Rapunzel… no… Sleeping Beauty?” and I said “yes, Sleeping Beauty.” Hahah. She was so cute.

Then Lauren asked me what my name was. I told her it was Anna and she repeated it. THEN I said “nice to meet you” and shook her hand. WHERE THE HECK DID THAT COME FROM? So formal. It feels weird looking back at it now. But oh well.

Finally, the camera person tells us all to get in position, and I’m confused. I say “wait, you mean we’re not allowed to ask them to do anything special?” Because here I was seeing all these pictures from various M&Gs online and thinking that we could do something special. They were all quick to tell me that I could though, which made me happy. So they asked me what I wanted them to do. I motioned to 4 of them and said “I want you all to bow down to me” and then turned to Normani and said “and I want you to kiss my cheek.”

My tone was so serious. I REALLY hope they know that I was just trying to be silly. At least I will definitely have left an impression on them. Hahaha. Normani was talking seriously too, like “ohh, I get to kiss you because you’re the princess” (I’m not sure how to describe her tone over the Internet, but it was cute). Hahah. It took several tries to get the picture correct, but it finally came out.

(Poor Ally. I think she was so short that she had to sit up bc the camera person couldn’t see her in the pic otherwise. Hahah.)

Then after the picture was over, Normani said to me, “sorry, I can’t actually kiss you because I’m feeling a little sick.” She still proceeded to hug me anyway though. That’s alright. Her lips were close enough to my cheek that it might as well have been a kiss. I’ll take it. Hahaha. ;)

Despite myself, I went over and hugged Camila. I don’t know why, okay? It was just that everyone else was hugging her (we could see that with other fans because she was on the far right) and I don’t know, she seemed like a good hugger (and she did end up being one). I hope that the other 3 didn’t think I was dissing them (especially Lauren because I just gave her a handshake…).

My hands were shaking, and I went over to get my stuff off the table and ask the security person where we were supposed to go now. They pointed me towards the long line of other people who had had their pics taken. I walked around them, and there was that feeling again. The feeling people were judging me because I was an obviously-over-10-year-old dressed in a Sleeping Beauty costume. I tried my best to fight it though, because hey, I had just met Fifth Harmony and they LOVED my costume. I finally sat down, hands still shaking, and replayed what had just happened in my mind. It didn’t seem real (still doesn’t honestly). Maybe it was the lack of crying/screaming from me that made it seem unreal (since most normal fans do that when they meet their favorite celebs). Hahah. :P

We had to wait in our line a few more minutes after everybody was done with their pics for the soundcheck to start. We could hear Demi’s soundcheck while we were waiting (at least that’s what I assume it was). She sang HWGA and Believe In Me (I recorded LQ videos of both of them (you can’t see her though. We couldn’t see her, just hear her.)). Finally, we all started moving again, and sat down very close together by the sound stage(?). Someone came out to check the microphones, as well as ask people for their questions, and decide which one was the best to ask the girls.

After a few more minutes, they finally came out onto the stage(?) and told us Lauren was feeling sick (looks like something must’ve been going around in the 5H camp). The other four were there though, and they started out by saying “this song by Taylor Swift, I think you know it… It’s called Red?” Dinah responded with “no, isn’t it called Blue?” Hahah. I just loved that for some reason. After they were done with that song, they sang “Honeymoon Avenue” by Ariana Grande. It was great.

The first question they answered was “if you were a candy bar, what would you be?” Camila answered “Skittles” at first, and the others looked at her judgingly. She said “well, there SHOULD be a Skittles bar. Fine, I’ll be Kit Kats.” And the next question was “if you could invent a dance move, what would it be and what would it be called?” and after Camila did hers she said “I’ll call it the Kit Kat.” Hahaha.

So then we went shopping. After a lot of confusion over which line we were supposed to be in and all that, we finally arrived at a booth and I bought a poster, a Fifth Harmony T-shirt, and Demi’s book (NOT the autographed one. I wish I could’ve but my pockets were already crying so I didn’t). My poor bank account. :'( I didn’t buy a Demi shirt, but my mom was nice enough to buy me one when she got there. <3

Now onto the actual concert. :)

So after I had went shopping and my poor bank account was crying, I just stood and waited, not really sure what to do between then and 6:00 (when the doors opened for the public and my mom came in). I eventually sat down by the entrance and playing songs in my head (because I didn’t have my headphones + iPod :(), still repeating what had happened in my mind. Eventually, the security guard told me I had to get up soon because they were about to open the doors. I looked at my watch, saw it was about 5:57, and stood up.

I stayed by the entrance for a little bit longer though, watching for when my mom would arrive. Just when I was about to give up and walk to my seat to wait for her, she showed up with my bag in her hand (because I was gonna change my clothes from that costume). As soon as she got through the entrance, we started looking around for food (because I still hadn’t eaten since breakfast) and I ate the most delicious mac and cheese from there. I tried their funnel cake, but it was a little too crunchy for me (even crunchier than normal), so I had to throw it away. :/

Before the concert started, I posted an update on here and Twitter via my mom’s phone that said “I’M STILL ALIVE BUT I’M BARELY BREATHING” and another one that said “my bank account’s going down. I’m yelling timber”, just to make sure you all weren’t without any sort of update. Then I went to the bathroom (the nice security people were able to direct me to one that wasn’t crowded. Hahaha, how sweet) and changed out of my costume and into normal clothes (my 1D “Take Me Home” shirt and red pants - although I still had my tights on underneath the pants because I forgot socks!). It was hard making sure no one could see me carrying a bra and underpants (sorry, TMI, should’ve waited until tomorrow on that one).

I looked at my watch and rushed back to my seat, making it just in time. Before Fifth Harmony came on though, this magician guy named Collins Key came on. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really pay much attention to him because I was focused on Fifth Harmony. His tricks were really cool from what I remember of them though.

And theennnn, Fifth Harmony came on! I’ve never been much of a fan of “Don’t Wanna Dance Alone” (I don’t HATE it, I just never got the huge hype around it) but I couldn’t control myself when it came on. I recorded a few videos (“Me & My Girls”, “Leave My Heart Out Of This”, “Independent Women”, and “Miss Movin’ On”) but I kind of wish I hadn’t because I really wanted to dance/sing along with those songs. :( Oh well, something to remember if there’s a next time I guess.

They were SO good at crowd interaction, especially during “Miss Movin’ On”. And I may or may not have been taken aback by Normani several times during the performances (and ALLY man, I’m impressed).

Another interlude with the magician happened. They told us to guess what was in the box with the hashtag “#whatisinthebox” on Twitter. My mom told me to say it was a dead cat. :P

Is it bad that I just really wasn’t interested in the magician at all? Like, I thought their tricks were cool and all, but my main focus was on the performers. My mom tried to get me excited one time so that I could possibly be part of the act, but I just said to her “I don’t wanna be a part of this” and left it at that (also I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten picked either way so).

Next up was Little Mix. This concert was my introduction to them. I had heard “Wings” once like a billion years ago, but other than that I didn’t know any of their songs. And, I gotta say, they were GREAT. I need to look up the setlist for this show or something because I loved just about every song they sang. And out of all the pictures and such I’ve seen of Perrie, I was NOT expecting that singing voice to come out of her. Wow, that was amazing. I still don’t like her as a person (for various reasons I don’t wanna get into at the moment (but it’s NOT related to Zayn, so don’t tell me I’m jealous)) but I love her voice. I will admit though, when they said Perrie was having mic problems, I mayyy have said “good… wait what?” #oops Hopefully no one heard me though since it was so loud.

I gotta say, Leigh Anne is GAWJUSS. And I don’t know how people can call Jesy the ugly one??? She was so pretty when I saw her. One thing’s for sure: I’ll definitely have to check out their music after last night. They’re amazing dancers, singers, and again, Leigh Anne is GAWJUSS. *_* I DID know the lyrics to “No Scrubs” (and I remembered SOME of the “Wings” lyrics) so I mean, at least I wasn’t completely left out during their performances.

Another magician interlude. This time they call a person named Olivia to the stage, take Olivia’s phone, and type in a word that only they know, then put Olivia’s phone in a bag. When someone else is asked “what’s the most ridiculous word you can think of?” they responded with “Miley Cyrus”. After a few laughs, and bag reorganizations later, the magician pulls out Olivia’s phone, gives it back to them, and says “what’s the word in there?” Olivia responds with “Miley Cyrus.” NO WAY (that’s the magician’s catchphrase).

Move forward a little bit… and it’s time for the main event! DEMI LOVATOOO!

I didn’t get to take many videos of her unfortunately because my camera was running out of battery. :( I took several pictures though.

I LOST IT during “Really Don’t Care” (in a good way). I was dancing my socks off (except I didn’t have any socks, so dancing my tights off I guess). It was GREAT. I feel bad for the back up singer of Demi’s who did Cher Lloyd’s part, because they were good, but people in the audience were probably angry it wasn’t actually Cher L singing.

By the time “Neon Lights” came on, I could barely stand up and my legs felt like they were gonna fall off, but that still didn’t stop me from jumping up and down with the rest of the crowd during the chorus.

I LOVED how she made a speech before “Warrior” to her fans/fans’s parents about how it’s okay to get help. A lot of people say it’s “annoying” how that’s “all she ever talks about” and she’s “milking it”, but you know what? It’s an IMPORTANT thing to talk about, so even if she IS “milking it” (which I doubt), at least it’s helping other people out there get help.

My favorite performances of hers were probably “Firestarter”, “Warrior”, and “Neon Lights”. The scenery was just so cool throughout the whole thing though.

I also really loved “Skyscraper” and how she ‘rose from the ground’ on that thingy (I don’t know what it’s called).

All in all, this was the best concert ever I think. In the past I’ve always had it so the most recent concert ends up being better than the previous ones, but with this one, I think it’s probably gonna be hard for future concerts to beat it. MAYBE One Direction could pull it off. MAYBE. ;) But that’s still kind of doubtful I think.

Because with other concerts, I haven’t felt the same STRONG LOVE for the opening act(s) AND the main event. With Britney in 2011, I LIKED Nicki Minaj, but I didn’t have the STRONG LOVE for her I have for Fifth Harmony. It’s just such an amazing feeling seeing two acts you have strong love for (Demi, 5H) in the same concert and GETTING TO MEET ONE OF THEM.

I wish I could live in 2/23/14 forever. <3
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