Anna (a_wa) wrote,

Poem dump!

Dumping some poems here that I've posted on tumblr but never here.

Start Driving (this poem is something I've been feeling a lot lately - especially that last line)

All I hear is

Negative comments, going to my head like raindrops to the eye. Stinging so hard I can’t get them open.

"No one would care if you were gone"

Obviously that’s a lie, I say. On some nights though, it’s hard to say

"You’re a liar"

I want to be liked, but I also want to not care what people think about me and be okay with the fact that they won’t always like me.

No one likes an unhappy person, but no one likes a cocky person either. Where do we draw the line?

Guess I just have to learn to be okay with me. It’s going to be a really long road full of many twists and turns, but if you don’t try to start driving, you’ll never make it.

Love Is A Strong Word (warning for mentions of abuse!)


What a word.

Used too quickly,

Often used to hurt


Intentionally or un

It’s the word his abusive lover

Uses to get what they want

From him,

And he lets them

Because he feels no one else will love him more.

It’s the word she says she’s in with you

Before you leave her

In the dark, crying the biggest waterfall she can

And leave her, with new walls built up

That future people will find it hard to crack.

It’s the word their parents use,

Right after getting angry at them for having 3 Cs on their report card.

But no, you say.

You tell me, hate is a strong word.

Used too quickly,

Often used to hurt


Intentionally or un.

Hate is a word you should never say,

Never think,

And never mean.

Love is a positive word you should say more often,

Always think,

Because what negativity could ever come from “love”?

To You

I don’t understand.

What went wrong?

Just a few months ago, we were like hand-in-hand,

Friendship still going strong,

Excited to do things with each other

But then one day, our plans fell through

And it wasn’t even my fault either,

It was because of something to do with you

And your family.

I’m not mad at you for that,

But why are you mad at me?

Everytime I try to say a word, I get nothing back

Either that or an awkward sentence

That hangs in the air

Like a huge stench,

One that impairs

Your vision and ears

And you wonder how people around you

Continue to see and hear

Despite this.

You’ve been there for me

And I’ve been there for you

For so many years,

And no matter what each of us went through,

I always knew that in some way, you’d still be there

But now what?

Now where?

I’m talking to you, but your responses are all but

Saying “I don’t wanna talk to you anymore”.

You know how emotional I get,

So tell me why you’re pushing me out the door

Without a single word, making me upset.

I don’t understand how one person,

Who I’ve known for years and has always been there for me,

Just decides out of nowhere they’re done

And want nothing more to do with me

And they don’t even say a word, don’t even say goodbye.

I know I can’t leave you alone for long

And soon I’m gonna break down and come cry

-ing to you, asking what I did wrong.

But I have to wonder if you’ll even respond

Or care

About my feelings,



For you anymore.
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