Anna (a_wa) wrote,

Why Can't I Change

Please, miss fairy godmother,

If you are out there somewhere,

I’m in need of a wish, and I’m not sure there’s any other

Person I can talk to, but you, who will be able to get me out of here.

My wish is that you will change me

Somehow, make me be well-liked by everyone I love.

I don’t have any mice, pumpkins, or trees,

But I hope that my tears will go above

The call of duty for this.

So please change me,

That is my wish.

I want you to make me be

Confident in every aspect of myself,


Someone people will talk to, instead of putting on a shelf.

Nice to people, with no hint of insulting

Because I’m trying my best on my own

But it doesn’t seem to be working.

Please make me be someone worth wanting a friendship with,

Or at least someone who will stop caring

What other people think of my personality, because it’s

Getting exhausting being like this.
Tags: 13th grade, poetry
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