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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
23rd-Nov-2012 07:46 pm

Dear iCarly,

Tonight is a very bad night for fans of you. You’re ending and there are many things we’ll never see again. We’ll never see Freddie’s technical knowledge, Sam’s anger (and sometimes kindness when she feels like it), Carly’s kindness and flirtiness, Spencer’s many love interests and sculptures, Gibby’s… Gibby, Guppy’s “happy birfday”s, etc.

So for the next few minutes I’d like to just take a few moments to remember and thank you for all the memories you’ve given me.

Lots of these may be out of order, but oh well.

Once upon a time, there was this little girl Megan on a show called Drake and Josh. Before we knew it, there was a commercial saying she had got her own TV show called iCarly. I couldn’t wait. This was exciting.

Getting into the show, I was also attached to Hannah Montana at the time. So with Loliver, I already was in the shipping game and knew about websites that included shipping. I started looking up iCarly-themed websites.

Due to Freddie’s crush on Carly, I was a Creddie shipper. But it seemed there was no website for us yet. I knew there was seddiefans.2ya.com where the Seddie fans roamed, but I wondered why there was no Creddie Fans website. So I used the same layout and created my own Creddie Fans website. At first, it didn’t take off very fast.

Around this time, there was this very popular iCarly LiveJournal community called groovysmoothie. There were tons of awesome people there, so after several months of inactivity on the website and only having me and about 2 other people as members there, I started promoting CF over there.

It started getting very popular with those users and people like Squishy, Ramsey, and Sockstar joined it.

Then this person named SeddieObsessive came along on Twitter. Who would’ve guessed that troll would’ve become my best internet friend? (Sorry, getting ahead of myself there.) SeddieObsessive would screencap many things that happened on the CF board and post them on Twitter, making sure the Seddie fans were in the know about what exactly was going on.

The one thing that sparked the most violence though was this one thread on there where Sockstar said something about raping Sam. Even years later, people held a grudge.

Somehow SeddieObsessive got into the “Freddie’s Jewelry Box” area of the forum (which was where we Creddie fans could post whatever we wanted without worrying about Seddie lurkers thought - because it was password protected) and posted what we had said on there. That also caused a huge uproar.

When iKiss premiered though, I started questioning what I shipped. So I joined the Seddie board with the username January_3rd. I remember the iKiss discussion topic like it was yesterday. Where we would reply and then have 3 replies before us. It was nearly impossible to keep up with, but it was so much fun.

I gave in and watched YouTube Seddie videos, then “saw the Seddie light” as I put it.

However, I did not give up my position as an admin on CF. I just posted there without anything that would give away the fact that I shipped Seddie/didn’t ship Creddie. I didn’t want to lose my friendship with anybody there, especially not a certain member.

Maybecreddie/Ramsey was one of my best friends on there. We would tweet each other all the time (although she definitely didn’t tweet me as much as Sockstar :P), she even added me to her “my best friends” list. About 2 years after she started out on the forum though, we get this tweet from her account that says she’s dead.

I was shocked and couldn’t believe what I was reading. This was the first time I had lost a friend. Even though we had been having problems when she unfollowed me because I was too clingy and talking to her too often, I still thought of her as my friend. So to hear this was terrible.

Backing up for just a moment. I also wanna talk about another forum I found because of iCarly - on FanFiction.Net, there was this “Creddie or Seddie” board. I hadn’t been the one to create this board, but I created two topics in it - the “Creddie fans” topic and the “Seddie fans” topic.

There I met Bubbles (whycanttuesdaylastforever). The “Seddie fans” topic got a LOT of replies by two FFN users - SuiteLife and Seddie-something. I didn’t ship it during this time, but I still responded because I wanted to be their friend. There was this big fight we all had at one point over whether or not Carly was an actually good character, it wasn’t very pretty, but we eventually worked it out.

That board slowly started becoming inactive, and as of now, I don’t think it’s been posted in for a while. :/ But it was a fun ride while it lasted.

I eventually left CF. It wasn’t because I didn’t like Creddie anymore because I was a multi-shipper finally at this point, but it was because I didn’t think I was being a good admin by sometimes posting and sometimes not. I was ashamed at the type of admin I’d become.

Back to “SeddieObsessive”. Eventually we figured out who they were and banned them. However, the person with that IP kept showing up somehow and trolling around, sometimes with anti-Creddie stuff, sometimes even with porn.

But somehow me and this person became friends, best friends even. We talked on tinychat type things and after they finally got over iCarly and revealed that they weren’t actually the adult but in fact a crazy, awesome, Demi-obsessed 13-year old, we started talking more and became best friends.

Another thing I remember is all the awesome Twitter iCarly fans I met. Especially @FatCakesYeah. She and a bunch of other iCarly fans (including me) tried to trend #FatCakesYeah on Twitter. We ended up not getting that to happen, but it was fun to try.

So to make this EXTREMELY LONG letter short -

Thank you Dan, thank you Miranda, thank you iCarly for all the fights, all the friendships, and everything in between. Thank you for all the memories you’ve given me. You will always be a special part of me.

Love, Anna <3
Tears, Sad, Glee
26th-Nov-2012 02:53 am (UTC)
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