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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
We're 'bout to make some memories tonight. 
7th-Oct-2012 11:56 pm
Last night was Homecoming which was GREAT. Barely any seniors went but I was happy about the few that did. I don't really remember much of what happened other than the fact that Will's dance moves were amazing... and that we've gotten more dating rumors spread about us (oh goody).

Oh, and I requested One Direction music and the SECOND the beat dropped for What Makes You Beautiful EVERYBODY was screaming. Oh man. Caroline and I acted out the parody together (and we also smiled at the ground pretty violently. Hahha). As soon as it was time for the "girl who was paid to be here" line, I brought Caroline's friend Sheng towards us. It was great. Hahaha.

On Friday, Lex and I "accidentally" ended up in the Freshman section during the pep rally. She and her... girlfriend? (I don't know what to call them since she told me they were just friends but...) Ashley were doing some SERIOUS PDA. I mean, Ashley sat on top of Lex and Lex made some very suggestive comments to her, including saying she was going to unzip her pants/undo her shirt.

Nothing really happened today other than the fact that my 4th favorite Tumblr blog (dragdirection) did my request. Lex had been talking about "nun direction" so of course I had to request that to happen... and they actually made it!

Nun Direction

Hahaha. If you have a tumblr and you're not following dragdirection already, you should. ;)
Jennette McCurdy, Peace, Happy, Smile
9th-Oct-2012 12:48 am (UTC)
Gad you had a great time at Homecoming :D
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