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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
Quinn/Logan! Yay! 
14th-Sep-2008 11:56 am
Okay, so I joined logan_quinn today. Yay! I love the Quogan (Quinn/Logan) relationship, and am so excited to be a part of a community that supports this pairing.

I must admit, I never even thought the Quinn/Logan was possible until it became canon. Now though, I love it.

I think that's the way several people feel about certain pairings. You don't even think they're possible until they finally happen in the show.

That's the way I felt about Ron/Kim (Kim Possible), Zoey/Mark (Mew Mew Power, aka Ichigo/Aoyama-kun from Tokyo Mew Mew), Quogan (Quinn/Logan) (obviously), etc.

Then there are other pairings. Ones that we like even before they become 'official'. Like for me those would be Creddie (Carly/Freddy, iCarly), Loliver (Lilly/Oliver, Hannah Montana), Sarah/James (Liberty's Kids), Zaddy (Zack/Maddy, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody), Choey (Chase/Zoey, Zoey 101), etc.

Anyway, back to Quinn/Logan. My sister just tried to make me 'disappear', and I said "I disappear when you like Quinn/Logan." Then she was like "bleh." *Laughs* I don't see why she h ates Quogan so much. I mean seriously, they've proven in season 4 that they can be a good couple. Before that, she also said "Why's there a picture of Quinn and Logan kissing?" and I said "It's one of my images." She then said "Bleh." Again, I don't see what problem she has with them. Then again, I'm not her.

Now, onto communities again. I'm just so glad there's finally a community for Quinn/Logan, like the way jewel_2 felt when she/he found out about sam_freddie. Speaking of sam_freddie I should mention that while I'm a member, I'm not a shipper.

See, that's another thing. When you're a member of a couple community, sometimes people automatically assume you ship for that couple.

So I'm a member of miley_x_oliver but I ship for loliver_x. Sometimes people will join communities because they give them ideas for stories, art, videos, etc., not necissarily because they ship for it.

Okay, tiny rant over. I'm just so glad there's a Quogan community! :)
Quinn/Logan, First Kiss, Zoey 101, Quogan, In Love
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