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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
Yes, I'm alive! 
14th-Sep-2011 09:32 pm
Yesterday I finally made the switch to GSAO after 2 years of being in Club Green. I'm SO happy I did. Not only is it, well, GSAO, but all 3 of my favorite teachers were there! Mr. Kraft, Mr. Thomas, and Ms. St. Clair! :D

We were asked who our favorite gay icon was and I was so tempted to say "Jake Boyer" but I ended up saying "Ellen DeGeneres" instead. *shrug*

Either way, I think club days are going to be my favorite days of the month from now on.

The new choir teacher is making it MANDATORY for us to go to All-County Choir this year. I don't know; something about it being MANDATORY (and the fact that that means I'm gonna have to be with David -_-) makes me want to go less.

I'll get through it though. Think happy thoughts.

So, today during school, Chey and I had to do our presentations. I had saved 2 pictures on my flash drive a week or 2 weeks before and planned on taking it home and saving the pictures, but forgot to.

So, when we plugged in the flash drive, this picture popped up:

Of course Ms. Morgan was caught off guard, and I was just standing there awkwardly saying "...I was going to delete those." While Chey of course was laughing and said "Nice."
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17th-Sep-2011 01:53 am (UTC)

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