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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
I don't care if I sound like a bad fan, I'm posting this rant anyway. 
14th-May-2011 09:35 pm
I’m a big Lady GaGa fan, you guys know that, but this is starting to annoy me:

People on TV shows, in the media, etc. are now praising GaGa as the “new Madonna”. It annoys me because when Britney first started they were saying the same thing about her, but now they act like she doesn’t even exist.

What happened to Britney? What happened to HER being the “new Madonna/queen”?

Oh, I get it. It’s because of that long break and then breakdown. What happened to Blackout being “one of the most influential albums of the last 5 years”?

People ignoring Britney’s existence and going straight to GaGa instead. It’s okay if you like her more, but completely denouncing Britney is another thing.

Whenever I hear things on TV like this:

“…And today, she’s one of the biggest stars…”

“Lady GaGa?”

I think “what about the legendary miss Britney Spears?”

My sisters are loving Lady GaGa’s singles and say “oh my gosh, I love Lady GaGa” and I do too. But what about Britney Spears? They only like the song “Circus”, “Till The World Ends” (I think), and that’s it.

Why? Why? Why? What about Britney Spears?

I know this is just a bunch of blah blah for you guys, but I needed to rant that out. I realize it’s probably just because Lady GaGa is the “current thing” and on the one hand, I AM proud of her success but on the other hand this ignoring Britney Spears thing is ruining it for me.
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