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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
English class - hahah 
1st-Mar-2011 11:24 pm
So we had to do this thing for English class where we'd pick a song to fit at least one of the poetry themes (assonance, alliteration, etc.) and have to read the lyrics aloud, then play the song (whether by YouTube or iPod) and explain which poetry theme(s) that relates to.

So, it started out with 3 people who presented very sad and well-written songs and I just stared at my sheet with the Party In The U.S.A. lyrics on it and was like 'this isn't gonna measure up'.

But then the next person who went was a boy who forgot to do his homework, so he had had someone else do it for him. Guess what the song was? Somebody To Love by Justin Bieber. Hahah. So he tried to avoid reading it and said something around the lines of "to the end of the Earth, I can NOT read this" and he kept struggling with laughter in between until finally he read it all. Hahah. And then the aid teacher Mr. Overstreet started playing the song on YouTube.

I motioned for Ms. Spencer and I guess she thought I was pointing to myself, because she told Mr. Overstreet to stop the song early.

Me: Can we watch the video first instead?
Ms. Spencer: Okay.
Me: But first, freeze the screen.
Ms. Spencer: Why?
Me: Because it's gonna be a surprise.
Ms. Spencer: Okay. *motions for Mr. Overstreet to freeze the screen* Now, go tell Mr. Overstreet which song to do.

I went over and pointed to "party in the U.S.A." on the lyric sheet and he said "oh, I know who that's by."

So I said straight up "you know, this is going to annoy you even more than that [Somebody To Love] did" with a giggle. "Okay, unfreeze it."

The video started. Shockingly enough, nobody (from what I could tell) was groaning or anything. I was kind of disappointed it didn't annoy everybody as much as I had thought. Hahha.

Towards the end though, Mr. Overstreet said "she's the next Lindsay Lohan" and another g irl said "she is". So I was kind of annoyed, I slapped him with my paper. But it was playful, it didn't hurt him at all. He joked that he was going to write me a referral but he wasn't serious. Hahah.

I read the lyrics after that and the bell rang.

After everybody left I said to Mr. Overstreet and Ms. Spencer "how dare you insult my favorite singer! She's not the 'next Britney' or 'next Lindsay'!"

Ms. Spencer: I didn't say that. *points to Mr. Overstreet*
Mr. Overstreet: Well, she's already gotten in trouble. And her family's famous.
Me: Well, yeah, ANY family that has a divorce in it gets messed up. And besides, if you were in the spotlight since you were 14 with people constantly telling you "you're gonna mess it up, you're gonna mess it up", what would you do? And I never insulted YOUR favorite singer. ;)
Mr. Overstreet: Yeah, that's alright, you wouldn't like my favorite singer. Hahah.

I wasn't really angry, but for some odd reason when I was up there saying the lyrics/listening to the song, my knees were kind of shaking and my cheeks felt red (that was probably from laughing at the STL thing though. Hahah). Which is weird.

I mean, I was the ONLY one at the Homecoming Dance to dance to that song. The one that Kristen came up to to dance with to a song she didn't like just so I wouldn't be alone (which was nice).

So why was I feeling like that in front of the class? Weird.

Funny days, funny days. Hahha.
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