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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
iMysteries part one (aka iMysterious Room) 
23rd-Aug-2008 07:14 pm
Title: iMysteries part one (also known as iMysterious Room)
Rating: All Ages
Fandom: iCarly
Author's Notes: I don't own iCarly. Originally entered in shilom's "writer's challenge" contest on FanLib.
Summary: Carly, Sam, and Freddy wake up in a room with only each other. What mysteries do this room hold though?
Pairing: None.

Chapter 1: When I woke up

They woke up in a windowless room. It was padded from floor to ceiling, like a room you'd find in an asylum. The only door had a single slot, big enough for a tray of food or one to peer in. How had they gotten here?

Carly, Sam, and Freddy looked around to see if there were any clues as to where they were.

However, where ever they looked there wasn't any sign of address or who might live here.

Did anybody?

Suddenly, some stairs seemed like they had just appeared out of nowhere.

They went up the steep stairs that didn't have any rails.

What did it lead to?

When they were half way up the stairs, some how they were automatically pushed back downstairs.

"Wooooah," they said as they were pushed down the stairs.

The thing that was pushing them made them trip on the final step.

"Ouch," they said.

"What the heck was that all about?" Sam asked. "Where are we anyway?"

"Wait," said Carly, looking around. "Doesn't it seem like something's missing?"

"If you mean your apartment then yeah something's mission," said Sam.

"No," said Carly. "I mean someone."

Freddy and Sam looked around.

Somebody was missing.

"Yeah," said Freddy. "Where's-"

"Uh," said Sam. "I don't think that anybody wants to hear about whether or not your imaginary friends are here, Fredweirdo."

"Very funny Sam," said Freddy. "Now could you please stop?"

"Sorry but that is impossible because in the contract I signed when I got this job," said Sam. "I am not aloud to stop making fun/hurting Freddy until the person who hired me fires me."

"You are the person who hired you," said Freddy.

"So?" she said.

"Sam would you please let Freddy say what he was going to say?" said Carly.

"Fine," said Sam. "Go ahead, Fredward."

"Thank you," said Freddy. "As I was going to say, where's Spencer?"

Chapter 2: Where's Spencer?

"Where's Spencer?" said Freddy.

"Yeah," said Carly. "Where is Spencer?"

"I don't know," said Sam. "He's probably not here though." 

"What makes you so sure about that?" Carly asked.

"Was he with you last night?" Sam asked.

"Well, no, he was at a friend's but you two weren't here either."

"I know that but we were in the same building as you, and I snuck in to your apartment."

"Sam!" Carly said. "Nevermind, we don't have time to worry about that."

"Yay! I'm off the hook!"

"Sam," said Carly. "This isn't the time for jokes."


They went and looked all around the room and all around the house.

They still couldn't figure out why Spencer wasn't here and where that thing in the door had come from.

Then, from out of nowhere, a note blew into Carly's hands.

"That's strange," Carly said. "The door isn't open and the air conditioning isn't that strong."

She read the note:

Hello to whoever is in the room now, this is our newest test. For 48 hours you shall stay without any technology.

Let's see how well you all can survive your cell phone/internet addiction when there isn't any! And sorry rich people, your flat screen TVs are history for 2 days.

"Oh no," she said.

"Oh no what?" Sam asked.

"What about iCarly?" Carly said. 

Chapter 3: What about iCarly?

The note had said no technology for 48 hours, what would they do about iCarly?

"I guess we're not," said Sam.

"Well, we've said that several times before," said Carly. "Every time we've found a way though."

"This time though, it doesn't look like we will," said Sam.

Carly sighed.

"Maybe we can," said Freddy.

"How?" asked Carly. "It said no technology for 48 hours."

"I know," said Freddy. "There's always a way though."

"I'm listening." 

"Wow, hey could somebody stop me because apparently I am too," said Sam. 

They looked at her.


They turned back around.

"Anyway," said Freddy. "You know how we were pushed back from walking all the way up the stairs?"

"Yeah?" said Carly.

"The small slot and the floating note?" Freddy added.


"Well it all must have been caused by something."

"I guess so, but what?"

"I don't know, look through the slot."

"I'll try."

She walked over to the door and looked through the slot.

She saw something.

Then, her arm mysteriously got smaller.

So small that it could fit through the slot.

She went through it and tried to grab the thing.

It worked.

She took her arm out of the slot and went to Freddy and Sam.

Carly showed them the thing.

"What is it?" Sam and Freddy asked.

Zayn Malik
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