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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
More Than Friends (Volume 1 in "The Triplets" series) 
16th-Aug-2008 04:39 pm
Title: More Than Friends
Series: The Triplets
Rating: 13+
Fandoms: Pirates of the Caribbean, Original, and FanLib.
Author's Note: A fic for members leila_data, shilom, and eviinsanemonkey. Eviinsanemonkey will be referred to as Flash.
Terminology: FL land- FanLib land, Leila's kingdom. People can post their stories using the "Story Chambers". The Most Evil Queen- the queen of the Banned Lands, she has no name. And is obviously the most evil queen. The Banned Lands- a kingdom of people who have done very bad things like plagiarize stories, m urder people, etc. So bad they've been banned from FL land. Submission wall- whenever you go to somebody's house or "profile" you'll see all the videos, stories, images, etc. they've submitted on their wall.
Pairings: leila_data /James Norrington
Genre: Friendfic
Time Frame: way after Pirates of the Caribbean when James Norrington has been in the real world for so long.
Summary: One day, Shilom and Flash (eviinsanemonkey) are told by gmb_loves_angel  that they and Leila are triplets. They can't believe it. It's a big surprise these two could be triplets with the queen. However, the Most Evil Queen has cast a spell on Shilom and Leila to make them so evil that they might be sent to the Banned Lands. So Flash, auri_mynonys , and nataliek (aka Allie) go to try and find the cure, can they before it's too late?
Disclaimer: I don't own Pirates of the Caribbean.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 5,679 according to Word.

Chapter 1: Meeting with the queen

She is the person who is in power; she may do as she pleases.

She is the queen of this big part of the world.

A boy knocks on the door.

"Is that you, James? If it is, you know I'm still not allowed to change you back into a normal person right?"

"I know my queen," says the one named James. "That's not why I'm here though."

She opened the door and looked down at the little tiny James. "You know that Number 0 made me turn you into that size, and has blocked all anti-spells from curing it."

She picked him up by his brown, wet muddy hair.

"You know, you need a wash. One problem though, I don't have enough power yet to conger up a bathtub small enough for you to fit in."

"Of course you do," he said. "You are Number 1 in power, love."

He was a little nervous about what she was thinking about. She had d him so many times.

"I know, my dear James. However Number 0 must give me my power."

"Why though? Why must Number 1 get her power from a number that means nothing?"

"Shh," she put her right hand over what she had aimed to be his mouth, but it ended up being his entire face. "Don't make fun of Mr. Jade. He'll make me throw you in the trash can and dump you in Siberia."

A few moments later, James started to get nervous. He heard a "hmm..." from her and right then knew that she was grinning evilly, thinking up a plot for one of her 'alternate reality stories' as she calls them.

He remembered the last one she wrote; Rise of Libertas she had called it. He thought it should have been called something else though; like Rise of Hurt and Little Comfort.

The worst part was when she would keep on adding more and more and more to it, keeping on putting him in the story chamber.

Once in the story chamber, he would see her typing up the story and making him do stuff.

Despite being the only person in the chamber who was actually there, he felt like everything was real.

He could hear her chuckling evilly whenever she typed something.

RoL as she calls it was one Alternate Reality he'd never forget. He was glad it was over now.

Then suddenly, he remembered that she had planned on re-writing it.

"Nooooo," James cried.

"Yes," she said.

"You don't have time to put me in the story chamber now though, my queen," he said.

"What?!" This shocked the queen.

"Yes," said James. "That's what I was trying to tell you all along, somebody's here to see you."

"Aww," she loved torturing James, it was one of her favorite things to do. Now she had to meet with someone? It was disappointing, but the duty of the queen came before the delightful of her husband unfortunately.

James breathed a sigh of relief. This meant she would let him go.

However, she surprisingly didn't.

She took his tiny head and tried to kiss his lips, but ended up kissing his entire head. "Ooops, sorry."

"It's okay," James said. "That's even better."

She waved at the guy who was apparently stalling the people who wanted to speak with the queen.

The people looked like they were just about to leave.

"Oh, and now may I present Her Imperial Highness... Leila Norrington!" said the guy.

"Oh, finally!" said one of the people.

Leila went up to her throne and sat down. "How can I help you?"

The two people walked up to her, tripping and stepping on the stalling guy.

"Okay," said the guy, slowly getting back up. "I think I'll go to the bathroom now."

He went over to the 's bathroom and fainted by the door.

Leila laughed. "Guess he's too tired to know where he's going."

Then a went into the bathroom. "Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! There...there...there...there...there's a bbbbbbbbboy in the ggggggggirl's bathroom! Aaaahhh!" She ran out of the castle and into what looked like a meadow.

"Wait," said the guy. "Can't we be friends?"

Leila laughed again. Typical boys, always wanting to be with the blue-eyed blonds. Not James though, no. He had to choose Leila. He had to choose a green hazel-eyed .

What a good choice, Leila thought, grinning evilly.

"So, now, what is it I can help you with?" she asked.

"Wait," said the woman. "Did you hear that kink sound?"

Leila had heard it, James' neck had gotten a big kink from the squeezing she'd been doing. "Sorry love," she whispered. "No I haven't," she said to the woman.

She let go of his neck and put her hands on her sides.

"Hmm..." said the woman. "So, anyway, we are here not because of something we want you to do for us, but something we can do for you."

"What are you talking about?" Leila raised an eyebrow.

"You'll find out," said the two.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Leila was getting paranoid.

"You'll find out," they repeated.

Now Leila was getting mad; it was showing too.

"Please leave," she said, a slight bit of anger showing in her voice.

"Why should we?" the people asked.

"Leave now," she said in an angrier voice.

They just stayed there.

"Leave NOW!" she said.

"No," the people stayed there.

"Number seven!" she was officially out of patience.

Number seven was a knight. By the time Number seven got there though, the people had disappeared.

"Yes my queen?" they asked.

"They escaped!" She then conjured up a spell. "Mirror of Memories, my dear delight, follow my memories into the night. Now magic mirror in my hand, search for these two. Search every land. Once you find them take a picture of them and their house and then send it back to me on my speeding invincible mouse."

Then a mouse appeared.

The mouse knew what to do. It would go to the person’s house with the mirror and take the pictures the mirror took back with it, speeding and invisible. This mouse could do anything; it was invincible.

The mirror of memories went to the house where the people lived. It then took pictures of the house and a close up of the people walking into the house.

Then the mirror gave the pictures to the mouse and the mouse went speeding back invisibly, keeping the pictures with it the whole time.

The mouse brought the pictures back to Leila.

“Oh so they don’t live in FL land?” Leila was a little surprised.

“I’ve met people who don’t live in FL land before,” said James.

“Like who?” Leila asked.

“Aw well, I remember princess Aurora once going away from FL land.”


“She was tired of being used in parody stories when people put her in their story chambers.”

“You’d never do that though right?”


Leila raised an eyebrow.

“Anyway, she eventually did come back to FL land.”


“Because too many people were at her door. Plus she didn’t have as much security as Rapunzel.”

“Rapunzel has high security?”

“At times her braid can keep the gate shut.”

“I wish I had higher security.”

“Higher security?!” James acted like that was a joke. “How much more security do you need? I mean you are the queen of all the eight lands. There are tons of people who have given up their jobs to help secure you. We have identity theft, rebury, bank, life, transportation, pregnancy, health, child, and tons of other protection that hasn’t proved us wrong yet! We have tons of hidden video cameras on every part of every ceiling, every wall, every door, and every window. Remember casting the spell so that no guests would notice? And we have security guards who guard your thrown, crown, and bedroom at night. What higher security do you need?! I mean seriously, even the things you write in require a password and have to be said just right to work. Plus there have to be tons of people talking when you enter it. Again, what higher security do you need?! We have pretty much all the security available in the eight lands.”

“I know, I know,” Leila said. “I’m still sort of worried.”

“Worried about what?! Fire, robbery, pregnancy, whatever it is we have the security for it! Everything you write in the story chamber even has eternal protection; for the rest of the world’s life. Unless you're sent to the Banned Lands. Don't you know that?”

James didn’t understand how queen Leila, known as Number 1 or Imperial Highness to those who don’t know her name (which was only one person) could be so worried in a place like this. What was to worry about?
Chapter 2: Mysterious Person

Then, the next person walked up to see queen Leila.

“Hi Leila,” they said. Their voice sounded familiar.

“Shilom? Is that you?” Leila said.

“Yes,” she said.

“What do you want, Shi?”

“I was just wondering if you could take a break for a moment and go with me to shop or take a walk or something.

“Of course,” Leila said. “Anything for you.”

James coughed.

“Or you love,” she said.

“Good,” said James. “So you won’t write any more fics?”

“No can do.”

“Fine. Will you at least promise to never write a Gillington story then?”

“I’ve never thought about doing that before,” she said. “Hmmm…” She thought momentarily. “I won’t promise that. However, you can be sure I won’t do it anytime soon.”

“That’s… sort of good to hear," James paused for a moment. "Wait, I thought you said you were paranoid over the whole security thing?"

"I was but I trust Shilom," Leila said.

"Oh, so you are paranoid but not that paranoid?"


"You were a few minutes ago."


"I'm just trying to think about you, love," James said.

"That's very sweet of you," Leila said, kissing his face. "However, I think I can handle a day with Shilom. She's one of my best friends." She kissed his face again, then called for Number Seven.

“Yes, my queen?” Number Seven said.

“While I’m gone with my friend, make sure to keep the castle protected.”

“Yes, my queen.”

“Oh, and what’s your name again?”


“Hmm… It fits.”

Then Shilom and Leila went on a walk around the castle boundaries.

They stopped at a place to get food. They were showing the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

“My favorite!” Leila said, excited to see the movie.

A person watching what Leila was doing said, “Her favorite movie is the first one. Then mine must be too!”

The person walked up to her.

“Leila, may I have your autograph?”

“Of course,” Leila said, taking the pencil the person was holding. “Whom should I make it out to?”

“Auri and T-towna,” the person said. “They have been asking me for it, so.”

“Auri and T-towna?” Leila said, almost surprised.

“Yeah, do you know them?”

“Yeah, they’re really good friends.” Leila signed her name and gave the pencil and paper back to the person.

After the movie was over, Shilom and her started heading back to the castle. On their way there though, they saw somebody who was covering their face.

“Hello Leila,” they said. “We meet again.”
Chapter 3: They Give me an Idea for a Story!

"Who are you?" Leila asked.

"Who am I?" the voice asked in a sinister tone. "Shouldn't you know? Number Three..."

"Number Three..." they kept chanting.

Leila thought about it. "Flash?"

"Yes," the voice said, taking off the thing that covered their face.

"Flash!" Leila hugged her. "I haven't seen you since that one time where I bounced to Number Two."

"You know each other?" asked Shilom.

"Yes," said Leila. "Why?"

"Shilom!" Flash recognized her and went over to hug her.

"Oh so you know her too?" Leila said.

Shilom nodded.

Leila laughed. "Well I have to go back to the castle."

"Can we come with you?" Shilom asked.

Leila shrugged. "Sure. I had inspiration for a story with you in it anyway.

"Which one of us?" Shilom asked.

"You, Shilom."

"Oh boy."


"I've read some of your fics," said Shilom, turning to her side. "Just promise you won't do some of the things you did to James."

"Okay," said Leila, shrugging.

"Don't worry Shilom," said Flash, tapping Shilom's shoulder. "If she does anything bad to you I'll be sure to tell Number 0 to take away her powers."

Leila laughed. "Don't worry, unless writing a funny story would get that to happen, I won't have anything close to that."

Flash sighed. "We're gonna be here a while."


They walked to the castle.

After Leila went through the gate, the guards halted Shilom and Flash.

"It's okay, guys," said Leila. "They're my friends."

"They're not invited in here without passes," the guards said.

Leila whispered a spell, "They're my friends, so before you break any glass, allow them in without a pass."

She blasted her power at the guards, but they blocked it with the sticks they were holding. "Nice try."

"Well in that case, so we don't break any more glass, give each of them a pass," said Leila, blasting her power into the air. It then landed inside Flash and Shilom's pockets.

"Wait a minute," said Shilom, reaching into her and Flash's pockets.

"Hey," said Flash. "You don't just dig into somebody else's pocket."

Shilom didn't listen though, and she handed the guards the passes. "See, we do have passes."

"How did you get those?" one of the guards asked. "I made them up."

Leila raised an eyebrow.

"I mean," the guard said. "How did you get them?"

Leila winked at Flash and Shilom.

"Must be fake," the guard murmured.

They were real though.

"Okay fine," said the second guard. "You may pass."

"Why'd you just let them through like that?" asked the first guard.

"Because, Chuck," said the second guard.

"Because isn't an answer, Ronald," said Chuck.

"It's good enough for me," said Leila.

"You heard her," said Ronald. "What's important is that queen Leila approves of it."

Leila was confused, hadn't both Ronald and Chuck said they couldn't pass at first?

She shrugged and went inside the castle.

"Queen Leila, queen Leila," said the mail pixies. The mail pixies were tiny little pixies that flew toward Leila to give her her mail.

"Set it down on the table," said Leila. "I have an idea in my head and I don't want to lose it. Plus I have friends over." She pointed to Flash and Shilom.

Shilom waved to the mail pixies.

"Hey have you seen Althea?"

"Of course! of course!" said the mail pixies. "She's right there." They pointed.

Althea looked exhausted.

"Come on Althea, before I lose my inspiration."

"I'm exhausted, Leila," said Althea. "Can't I take a break?"

"No," said Leila, pulling on her legs. "How can you be exhausted... you're not the one running the king-dooooooooom! Ouch." Leila fell over.

"In a way, I kind of do," Althea said.

Leila thought about it. "That's true, I suppose. You don't see me getting all exhausted like that though."

"Fine, but can we make this one only have three chapters?"

Leila shrugged. "Sure."

"Okay," said Althea.

"Where's James?"

Althea pointed.

"Oh no you don't," Leila said, seeing that James was about to run into the little hiding place he had made when he was normal sized.

Of course a few months later she had found out.

She grabbed James by the shirt tail and carried him that way all the way to the story chamber.

"Oh come on admit it," she said. "You love the story chamber. It's where you get to be normal sized."

"I guess," said James.

"And you have that y Jack Davenport voice I love so much, instead of an itty bitty mouse version of it."

James shrugged. "Well anything for you, love."

Wow, Leila thought. When his voice is in mouse version it doesn't sound the same. Just another reason to keep him in the chamber more often.

She put him in the story chamber with Shilom. She then pressed the New Submission button on the Control Keyboard.

The screen asked her to type in a title. She typed Twin Thoughts.

"Flash," Leila said. "You're gonna love watching how this plays out."


After she was done typing up the submission, Shilom and Flash still stayed.

Leila went back to read the mail that the mail pixies had picked up. Most of them were ads and fans asking for autographs.

There was also one from her friend Auri that was asking when she was going to add more to Rise of Libertas.

Leila never answered that one though. Auri would have to wait just like everybody else.

"Sorry Auri," she whispered to herself. "But I'm not telling you."

The next letter looked very different from the rest. It said it was from Number Thirty-Three. It said:

Dear Queen Leila (along with any other friends you want to take with you),

Come over to my house. There's something I must tell you about.

---Signed, Number Thirty-Three---

This looked interesting. Leila had never been over to Number Thirty-Three's house before.

"Hey, Shilom, Flash," she said. "Want to go to Number Thirty-Three's house with me?"

"Sure," said Shilom.

"Okay," said Flash. "Hey have you ever read any of Number Thirty-Three's stories? I got up to chapter thirteen on one of them. Five stars!"

"You know them?" said Leila.

"Yeah," said Flash. "Don't you?"

"I think so. The number does ring a bell. Then again, the numbers are always changing."

They started walking to Number Thirty-Three's house.

They eventually reached it, and knocked on the door.

Chapter 4: The Triplet Truth

They knocked on the door twice.

"Come in!" said a voice. It had an accent of some kind.

Leila, Shilom, and Flash walked into the door.

"Welcome Queen Leila!" said the voice. "It's so nice to actually see you in person."

"Are you Number Thirty-Three?" Leila asked.


She looked around at Number Thirty-Three's submission wall. There were like 109 submissions.

Shilom and Flash looked too.

"See Leila," Flash pointed to one of the stories on the wall. "This is the one I was talking about."

"How many chapters does it have?" Leila asked.

"My latest update is chapter 126," said Number Thirty-Three. "I also have a companion story to it that shows all the missing ty scenes."

Leila then looked at the Firefly part of the submission wall. "Wow, you like Kaylee."

"Yes," said Number Thirty-Three. "She's the perfect woman."

Leila saw a beautiful picture on their submission wall.

"Wow, you drew this?" she said, amazed. "Nice job. The shading of the hair and neck is particularly good."

"Thank you," Number Thirty-Three said, smiling.

Leila then decided to sit down on one of the chairs near the table Number Thirty-Three was sitting at.

Shilom and Flash joined them.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?" Leila asked.

"Oh, you brought them," said Number Thirty-Three.

Flash, Shilom, and Leila exchanged looks. "And your point is...?"

"That's perfect!"

Flash, Shilom and Leila looked at each other, confused.

"Okay, I have to tell you something. The reason it's good that you brought them with you is because..." she stopped. "B-b-because..."

Oh, how am I going to tell them?, she thought. It was so hard to tell three people who thought of each other as friends that they weren't just friends.

If she doesn't hurry up, we'll be out of here, thought Leila.

Several minutes passed and then Leila finally said, "Okay, that's it, we're leaving."

"Wait," she said. "Don't go yet. The reason I didn't tell you is because I don't know how to tell you."

"What?" Leila, Shilom, and Flash said together.

"You're triplets!" she finally said.

"So my story really is true," Leila said, hugging Shilom. "You and I are twins."

"Triplets, actually," Flash reminded them.

"Does this mean we get to live in the castle together?" asked Shilom.

"I honestly don't know," Number Thirty-Three said.

"What's your name anyway, Number Thirty-Three?" Leila asked.

"Misskitten," she said. "My name is Misskitten."
Chapter 5: Living Together in the Castle

When they walked back to the castle, there were new guards on duty.

Leila recognized them.

“Hi Jo, Modern,” she said.

“Hi Leila,” they said.

“Guess what I just found out?” Leila asked. “Shilom, Flash, and I are triplets.”

“Really?” they were surprised.


“Are you making that up?”

“No,” said Leila truthfully. “So does this mean we get to live together?”

“I don’t know,” said Jo.

“Me neither,” said Modern. “You should ask Number 0.”

Leila shrugged. “Come on, Shilom and Flash.”

When they got into the castle, Allie was there.

“Hi Allie,” Shilom, Flash, and Leila said.

They all knew each other.

“Hi, Shilom, Flash, and Leila,” Allie said. “What are Shilom and Flash doing here?”

“Long story short, we’re triplets,” said Leila.

Shilom and Flash nodded.

“Really?” Allie said, her eyebrows popping up. “You’re joking, right?”

“No,” said Shilom.

“Wow,” Allie said, amazed. “I feel so proud for you guys.”

“Thanks,” Leila, Shilom, and Flash said.

“Does this mean you all will be living in the castle together?”

“I still have to ask Number 0 if it’s okay,” said Leila. “I’m pretty sure though.”

“If you do, that would be awesome. I would also get to see three of my friends at the same time every time I came here.”

“It would be awesome,” Leila agreed. “It sure would be…”

"Hey, can Natalie and I be twins?" Allie asked.

Leila laughed. "It all depends."
Chapter 6: The Spell

Meanwhile... in the Banned Lands...

They removed my home from FL land, then sent me to the Banned Lands, thought the "Most Evil Queen". I had that plagiarism well hidden, same with the of that one boy. If they hadn't found out, I would still be ruler of FL land. Oh well, that won't be a problem anymore. Once I cast the spell on her and her little friend, nothing can stop me.

"Roger, are you ready?" she asked.

"Of course, Most Evil Queen," said the one named Roger.

The Most Evil Queen was once Number One of FL land too, but then, when she had entered a character into the story chamber to create a new story, she had plagiarized it. She had also misused her powers as queen, and killed someone.

So, Number 0 had sent her straight to the Banned Lands, where she started the Evil Empire, and planned out her evil plots to get back her place as Number One of FL land.

Her current plan was to cast a spell on queen Leila that would make her even more evil then she already was.

So evil that she would get sent to the Banned Lands three times.

The Most Evil Queen also planned on casting the spell on her friend Shilom, because Shilom had once been Number One as well, and was obviously Leila's best friend.

There was only one cure for this spell, but the chance of them finding out was slight.

"Okay Roger, let's go," the Most Evil Queen said.

She cast a transportation spell to get there faster.

Somebody was walking out the door.

"Sorry s, but I have to go," they said. "Bye."

"Bye Flash," said Leila, Shilom, and somebody named Allie.

"Who's she?" asked the Most Evil Queen.

"I don't know," said Roger.

"Probably just a person seeing the queen for no particular reason."

The Most Evil Queen turned invisible then ran into the castle silently.
Chapter 7: Broken Shilom

"Misty, misty, mystery," said the Most Evil Queen. "I turneth thee, Shilom unto the evil insideth me."

The spell would take thirty minutes to work, she was told.

When it did though, Shilom would be 'broken' so to speak.

Thirty minutes later...

Shilom's eyes turned red and her face lit up in an evil grin.

"So Shilom, what do you want to do now?" Leila asked.

"Crumble people to bits in the story chamber."

Leila laughed. "Very funny Shilom, but we can't do that litterley."

"Why not?"

"Because you'd be sent to the Banned Lands, and never be able to return."

"Who cares? then we can become part of the Evil Empire and help take over the world."

"Evil Empire? But they're looking for me." Leila was confused, why was Shilom acting so... broken?

The Most Evil Queen, still invisible, laughed evilly.

"Misty, misty, mystery," said the Most Evil Queen. "I turneth thee, Leila, unto the sameth as Shilom's behavior has become to be."
Chapter 8: Evil Queen

It only took ten minutes for the spell to start working on Leila.

Leila grinned evilly and said, "Let's go James Norrington to the ."

"Leila, love, what are you doing?" James said as Leila took him into the story chamber.

"Oh and by the way, I've never really thought your voice was y."

"Nooooooo," James cried. "She must be cursed or something."

"And so what if I am under a spell?" Leila asked. "You know it's true."

The Most Evil Queen laughed evilly and then went back to where Roger was, on the side of the castle, turning visible again.

"Come on Roger, let's go."

Before they left though, the named Allie started running out the door, screaming the name Flash.

"Who's she?" Roger asked.

"Doesn't matter, Roger. As long as she's not interfering with our plans, it doesn't matter."

They then used another transportation spell to get back into the Evil Empire castle.  
Chapter 9: Telling Flash and Auri

Allie ran to Flash's house, not stopping for anything.

She couldn't believe Leila and Shilom had turned evil.

She had to hurry to tell Flash, before Leila and Shilom were sent to the Banned Lands.

When she finally reached Flash's house, she didn't bother knocking on the door, this was too important.

"Oh, hi Allie," Flash said.

"Hi Flash," Allie said, rushing.

"What brings you here?"

"Flash, I don't know what happened but Leila and Shilom are like under some sort of spell or something."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean if we don't figure out what happens to them soon, they're going to be sent to the Banned Lands."

"Seriously?" Flash raised both eyebrows.


"I don't believe you."

"Come on Flash," Allie begged. "If you'd just take a look-"

"Allie, I need to finish this new submission."

"You think your submissions are more important than your friends?"

Flash was shocked at what Allie had just said. How could she even think about that? "No way. I would never think such a thing. Why would you think that?"

"That's the way it sounded," Allie murmured.

"Okay fine, Allie, I'll go to the castle to see what could be wrong with them. Honestly though, I don't see why anything would be wrong with them."

Flash and Allie went back to the castle, once again not stopping for anything.

They then finally reached the castle, surprisingly no guards were on duty.

"I wonder if Leila killed them," Allie whispered to herself.

They ran into the castle.

"Hi Flash and Allie," Leila said with an evil grin.

"Welcome back," Shilom said with the same evil grin.

"So Shilom, do you think I should plagiarize this fic, or this fic?"

"Neither!" Allie said, with her best impression of Shilom's voice.

Flash looked on the ground. "Did you all have lunch?"

"Yes," Leila said. "Guards taste strangely good once they're fried in bacon."

"You killed your guards?" Allie was shocked.

Leila nodded wickedly.

"Are you under a spell?" asked Flash.

"Yes," Leila and Shilom said, almost proud to have admitted it. "The Misty Misty Mystery spell."

Flash and Allie were surprised they would admit to being under a spell.

"Thanks for telling us, but we have to go now," Allie said, stepping back slowly.

"Are you sure? Are you sure you don't want to be killed first?" Leila asked.

"Yes," said Allie. "We're sure."

She and Flash then ran out of the castle. She was behind Flash.

"Where are you going Flash?" Allie asked. "The spell cure shop is that way." She pointed.

"I know Allie," Flash said, still running the opposite direction of the shop.

"Then where are you going?"

"To tell Auri."

"What?!" Allie said. "Why tell anybody else?"

"Because they're best friends."

"So are we," Flash said. "And Leila's friends need to know."

"What? So you're going to tell all One hundred-three of them?!!!" Allie didn't know how Flash would be able to tell all Leila's friends.

"No," Flash said. "Just Auri."

"Fine," Allie said. "Then we go straight to the cure shop."


Flash knocked on the door.

Allie had decided to wait at the cure shop.

"Hi Flash," Auri said, answering the door.

"Hi Auri," Flash said. "Look, I have to tell you something about Leila."

"What? Did she post a new chapter of Rise of Libertas yet?"

Flash laughed. "No, not exactly."

"Then what?"

"She and Shiliom are under a spell that makes them evil."

"Aren't they already evil?"

Flash laughed again. "Well, now they're the plagiarizing type of evil. Leila ed the guards."

"Her own guards? Wow..."

"It's the Misty, Misty Mystery spell. My friend Allie and I are trying to find the cure at the spell cure shop. Will you help us?"

"Sure," Auri said. "Anything for Leila."

So she and Flash met up with Allie at the spell cure shop.
Chapter 10: Finding The Cure

The Spell Cure shop was huge; bigger than anything you could imagine.

It was all put into sections on different types of spells. Love spells, emo spells, spells that give athlete's foot, spells that make you sick, and tons more.

"Wow," Allie said, looking around. "I wonder how many spells exist."

"Let's start looking," Flash said.

Allie, Auri, and Flash looked around the first seven floors of the shop. They then finally stopped and went back down to the first floor.

"There must be forty floors in this place," Allie heard somebody say.

"No, Smokie, there are forty-five," said another person.

"Forty-five floors?!" Allie said, shocked. "How are we supposed to search forty-five floors?"

Flash just decided to ask at the front desk.

"Do you know where we can find the cure for the Misty, Misty, Mystery spell?" Flash asked.

"Sure, it's on the end of the forty-fifth floor," said the lady at the front desk. "However, sadly we don't have an elevator to lead to that so you'll have to take the stairs."

"Do you have an elevator that leads to the forty-fourth?" Allie asked, crossing her fingers.

"No," said the lady. "The highest the elevator can lead to is the twelfth floor."

Flash, Allie, and Auri exchanged looks, surprised, shocked, and slightly angry.

They did it anyway though. They took the elevator to the twelfth floor, then started walking up the long stairs.

By the time they got up to the forty-fifth floor, they were exhausted. The store was almost closed too.

However, they went and got the spell cure and went down again, slowly and carefully, trying not to fall asleep on the stairs.

"Hey, at least we got the cure, right?" Allie said, putting on a fake exhausted smile.

"Right," Flash and Auri nodded, following slowly behind.

They eventually got back to the castle, glad Shilom hadn't left yet.  
Chapter 11: Breaking The Spell

"Oh no," said Auri. "Number 0 is here. He's probably going to make Leila leave FL land forever. And she'll never get to finish Rise of Libertas."

"Not if we have anything to say about it, right?" Flash said. It was too late though, Allie and Auri had fallen asleep near Flash's legs from going up and down those stairs. "Guess I'll have to do it on my own."

"I'm sorry," Number 0 said. "You've broken the rules two times now."

"No," Flash said. Then she took out the spell cure, it was a magical ball the size of a globe. "Misty, misty, solve the mystery. Turneth Shilom and Leila back to the way they were before, and nobody remembers any of what happened during the spell anymore."

The ball lit up, and there was a huge light. Then, with one blast, the spell was broken, however, Allie, Auri, Flash, Leila, Shilom, and Number 0 were still there.

The guards came back to life too.

"What am I doing here?" Auri said.

Then she and Allie walked back to their houses.

"Why am I here too?" Number 0 asked.

"Number 0! I have to ask you something," Leila said.
Chapter 12: Can we Live in the Castle together?

"Go right ahead, Leila," Number 0 said.

"I found out that Shilom, Flash, and I are triplets," Leila said.

"Yes?" Number 0 said.

"Well, can we live in the castle together?"


Shilom and Flash looked slightly sad.

"However," Number 0 said. "They can visit you and do things with you anytime. Without passes."

Number 0 looked at Chuck.

"Yay!" Shilom said, hugging Leila. "Glad to spend more time with you, twin."

Leila smiled. "Same for you, twin."

"Hey what about the triplet?" Flash said, joining the hug.
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