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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
R.I.P. Bratz.com 
13th-Dec-2009 11:55 pm
So, all that remains of Bratz.com is a single black dot :(. It's official; Bratz.com is gone.

I'm taking screen caps of the websites of Bratz that remain, since they'll probably be gone soon too. :(

Loading... :] (sad smile)

Sharidan! :) I thought they only made two Sharidans; Bratz The Movie Sharidan and Bratz Forever Diamondz Sharidan (I have both). :)

Cloe! :D She was always my second favorite doll (next to Jade).

She opens eyes, she can see what's in front of her.

I don't remember Nona.

A nice sheep. :)

All the little dolls. :] The last remaining Bratz Lil' Angelz. *Sighs* :]

I want her, but I probably won't get her. :(

I don't intend on showing you guys all of the ones there were, but I'll go up to page 5.


I know it's probably silly to be this sad over some dolls, but I grew up on them. And just seeing them end makes me cry. :'(

I didn't join in time, so I can't view "My Collection". :(

But at least I can still play the games without a working account. :D

I'm downloading everything, guys. Literally EVERYTHING.

The FAQ. Questions I never had the time to ask. :(

Parents shouldn't worry.

The join form. I've tried joining 3 times now and it won't work. :(

I'll post caps from the Bratz section of http://mgae.com tomorrow. This is hard to post as it is. :(
Zayn Malik
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