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We crossed paths like an intersection
Now we both headed in One Direction
Kim/Shego Is Love! :) 
4th-Nov-2009 01:34 pm
My current obsession is KiGo (Kim/Shego) from Kim Possible.

Why? I'll show you in pictures...

#1 - All They Can Focus On Is Each Other

In Getting A Job, when the cheese building is falling down, all Kim and Shego can focus on is finishing their fight with each other, until it comes tumbling down on top of them. Even in the very first episode, the moment Kim hears Shego say "don't mind me, I just wanna watch" she abandons Ron and immediately goes to fight with Shego.

#2 - Shego Has So Many Nicknames For Kim

From "Kimmie" to "Pumpkin", "Princess", and "Cupcake", Shego has so many nicknames for Kim like Sam does for Freddie (iCarly). However, unlike Sam's nicknames, you don't give these nicknames to people you hate. Who would call their enemy "Cupcake" or "Pumpkin"? Not me. I would call somebody I love that, but not somebody I hate.

#3 - They Are Concerned About Each Other Sometimes

In the most dangerous situations, Kim and Shego are concerned about each other. An example of this would be in the Halloween episode when Killigon's exploding golf ball is heading towards them, and so the two girls hold onto each other. Or later on when Shego's like "Kim Possible, THE Kim Possible, LIED?" as if she was concerned about something else Kim had lied about before.

I mean, yes, that is TOTAL enemy behavior - being concerned about each other. Sure, they OBVIOUSLY are just doing that because they want to finish fighting. Right? ;)

#4 - They Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other

This could go along with reason #1, but a little different. Shego and Kim can't keep their hands off each other and seem to use their hands to touch each other more often than Kim and Ron do.

#5 - They Flirt *Too Much*

Next to Shego's nicknames for Kim, they flirt a lot. As you can easily tell from their expressions here.

Kim: Nice jacket!! Club Banana?
Shego: You like it?
Kim: Green is the new black.

Shego wanted to know if Kim liked it or not. That's all I can say.

#6 - Kim's Upset When She's Fighting Anybody But Shego

In "A Sitch In Time", when Monkey Fist appears on top of Shego, Kim looks a little upset that she's fighting somebody besides Shego.

#7 - "Men. Oh Yeah." And Shego Must Approve Whoever Kim's Dating

In the episode where Kim and Shego's emotions are getting controlled by the remote things and their emotion is set to anger, they pass each other and say this...

Kim: Men.
Shego: Oh yeah.

Then they rush off angry at Ron and Drakken. That's all I need to believe Kim's either a lesbian or bi.

And in the episode where Josh Mankey and Kim go on a date and Drakken and Shego try to make her literally die from embarrassment, Shego says "he's cute, I approve." Even Drakken says "What are you, her sister all of a sudden?"

#8 - Shego Won't Let Anybody Fight Kim But Her

Sorry, no picture available. :(

In the episode with Miss Go, Shego admits she won't have anybody fight Kim except her. Which implies Shego wants to be around her more than anybody else.

#9 - Miss Go Holds A Secret

In the Miss Go episode, we also figure out that while Shego was evil, she couldn't tell Kim something. However, then she's cut off when Ron accidentally presses the 'evil' button and turns Shego evil again. But we do now know that Shego has a secret she couldn't tell Kim otherwise. What could it be?

#10 - Kim Has A Picture In Her Locker

This picture is shown to us in episode 4, where the character of Shego is fully introduced.

Later on, we see it constantly in her locker...

Yes, Drakken and Ron are also in there but... okay fine, I'm over analyzing on that one. XD Like Ron says "I'll stick to my theory."
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